The Ultimate Strategy To Get Free Targeted Traffic From Google and YouTube

The Ultimate Strategy To Get Free Targeted Traffic From Google and YouTube

The Ultimate Strategy To Get Free Targeted Traffic From Google and YouTube can best be summed up by simply giving Google & YouTube what they want. If you are able to achieve this, then not only will your video’s and website’s receive tons of visitor’s, but your clicks, sales and conversions will skyrocket.

I know what you are thinking.

“Easier said than done!”. And I couldn’t agree more. People and business’s from every market and niche’, have been diligently optimizing their products and services to increase their rankings within the search engines ever changing algorithm. For some people, like Neil Patel who has made it their M.O. and foundation of their business, it seems to come naturally.

But for most of us, it is an equation that is constantly changing it’s variables and metrics. Which makes most websites, people & business’s online nearly non-existent.


Because traffic is allocated by the search engines based on a pile of metrics, the most relevant ones dictate who has come closest to giving the search engines what they want to see and what the traffic is searching for. Complicated? That’s an understatement. For the most part, there have been a handful of solutions to best tackle this issue. Some are implementable steps one can take to improve search engine rankings. But these methods begin to take affect after a extended period of time. Most people & business’s cannot afford to wait that long before they see results starting to improve.

The other method include paying an agency or service that specializes in S.E.O. Optimization. Depending on the severity and budget you have to work with, these services can drastically reduce the time before seeing results but can also be very expensive. Leaving many small business’s on the outside looking in.

That is until a determined individual out of U.K. started reaching out to industry leaders and guru’s to see if they had any insight into how to gain search engine rankings. To his surprise, none of them had any information he could use. In fact, nobody had a clue how, why or how to best achieve the desired results he was looking for. So, he took action. Built campaigns, went through the results and adjusted accordingly until he had found The Ultimate Strategy to Get Free Targeted Traffic From Google and YouTube which enabled him to rank his video’s and offers atop the ranking results. In addition to that, it basically gave him the knowledge to place ANY video pertaining to ANY OFFER on page 1 of a search term at will.

Let that soak in for a minute.

Do you know or understand what that means? It translates like this.

Imagine if you will how powerful and profitable it would be if you could make a video, upload it to YouTube and have it ranked #1 in whatever product or service you chose to promote.

CHA-CHING! Over and over and over and over again. Day in and day out. Getting massive amounts of FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC from the biggest search engine on the planet, converting visitor after visitor making game and life changing profits.

But hold on! It gets better!

This method doesn’t only offer him the ability to rank at the top, but also means the search engines give him AUTHORITY as an EXPERT for that specific product or service. Which means his video’s (which in many markets occupy the 1st,2nd and 3rd positions at the top) are placed there and they STAY THERE!

Oh. 1 more perk to add to this method, FREE ADS. He doesn’t pay a single penny for ads. Why? Because this isn’t Adsense. He isn’t following ANY of the search engines ‘rules’ for placement. He doesn’t have to. His method gives them what they need to rank his video’s high. Therefore, paying for his video’s to be placed there isn’t required. He earns his video’s place there. And it’s almost always more or above what other’s have earned.

In the past few weeks you may have seen many of my newest YouTube channels video’s which all focus on this mind-blowing strategy. In fact it has consumed me. So much that I changed my entire business model to replicate what he has done with his. As a fact, on my first try, I had my video ranked in the #1 position as well for the search term I chose. And trust me, I am nowhere near a S.E.O. expert or well versed in the optimization arts. Not even close.

First try ranking #1

So, if you are still with me and have read this far (which I am forever grateful, thank-you!) and would like to learn more about this method and the man who discovered it then it would be my pleasure to redirect you. (See link below).

Anyway, I think I’ll end it here. I could literally talk about this man and his system for hours. Probably days. It’s that awesome!

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