The Invisible Fight…Pt.9

The Invisible Fight…Pt.9

Original Post: June19, 2017

We left our apartment a few days before the end of the month in Feb. 2017. I had allowed my step daughter and her ‘bf’ live with us in the tiny apartment. She had always been a rebel of sorts , randomly moving from city to city and home to home. Always leaving a trail of bad relations and hostile feuds. But i had known her since she was small. She needed me. So i was there for her.

Ironically, she is 1 of the daughters of my ex, who wont let me see my son. But i have been a helper of sorts. At least more and more lately for some reason. I attribute it to my new career online but really, who knows.

I had told her all month long that she had to have a plan for where and what she was doing come month’s end. I couldn’t take her with me because i had no money. None. I could barely get through a day. She chose to do nothing, despite watching us pack up the house and slowly take items out of the house and into my awaiting enclosed trailer parked out back.

I didn’t understand what it was that she didn’t get. But she wasn’t listening to me and i knew there would be consequences. For both of us.

Against my better judgement , i gave her a set of keys so her and her bf could stay inside the now empty apartment. 1 day passed before a friend informed me that she was selling my belongings through a social media platform! Writing an ad, and posting prices for things we still needed to come back for! Unreal!

This is the thanks i get for allowing her bf in, whom i didn’t want in my house , for giving her money and rides and tried to instill a sense of worth for herself ,and this is what i got in payment of being there for her! And to boot ,as a extra added bonus her boyfriend somehow, in his demented way of thinking, found it justified to harass me and hound me and threaten my life and my friend’s life for ‘leaving them there’.  WHAT?? I told you we were leaving at month’s end!

What? You couldn’t tell by the constant sounds of unrolling scotch packing tape and the tiny mountains of tightly stuffed boxes scattered about the house! But he wasn’t listening to reason. Only language he speaks is ‘inner city thug and low-life’ dialect.

Blames me and my friend for taking care of him and her, feeding him and her, and listening to their never ending fighting over such senseless issues that i didn’t know if i should laugh,cry or be upset. And this same guy still to date owes $200.00 because i helped him out when i didn’t have to. These threats lasted a total of 11 days and then they stopped.

But the damage was done and things were scattered,unknown and 6 weeks later we still didn’t have a permanent address and no closer to finding my path to success in my online business.

Many times i would find a Tim Horton’s and login to use their free WIFI just so i could sit in on a free information telecast called a ‘webinar’.  I’d take out all my ‘bibles’ and work my system just a bit longer until i was forced to leave or the business closed.  But when your pressed for time and resources, and if you want something bad enough, you’d be amazed just you’ll do and how far your willing to go to get it!

I didn’t have limits for most of my life. And if i did, they were usually manageable to say the least. But they came at a cost on the downside. Always did,always will. People didn’t trust me. My credit was shot. All my doors were closed. Now i was starting to reopen them and give something back to other and especially those who have been there for me.

But just to make sure i was on the up & up, fate would deal me a barrage of circumstances at the most pivotal time in my life, and it would set up the fight of all fights!

For the 1st time in 21 years i was completely done all my court dealings. NO warrants. NO more court appearances. NO more charges. YES!!! YES!!!

And like fate itself didn’t like the fact that i was content, he felt i was still undeserving and with 1 swift blow…..i opened the mailbox to see a large brown envelope.

This is how it read…….

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