The Invisible Fight Pt.6

The Invisible Fight Pt.6
As we continue importing all my previous posts to this website I can’t but help to read over what I wrote. Where my mind was. Where my direction was. What was I trying to convey. What I wanted to accomplish. Did I attain any of the things I wanted to. Time would tell. Also, I apologize for my not so great punctuation and spelling errors. All I can say is that these posts were before my serious attempt at I.M. began. Anyway, without further ado….

So there I was , looking at my computer screen, asking myself “Is this really happening?” “There’s no way this was all a scam! How could it be? They use a long standing email platform as a vessel to send emails. They can’t be in on it!! There’s no way this was ALL a scam!”

Then reality sets in, my blood pressure skyrockets, and I feel if I could see this man, talk to him….I could all but guarantee I’d be wanted and have a federal charge on my hands. Our conversation would be his last.

All my endless, dedicated hours of scaling 4 different accounts to produce the maximum amount of profits, religiously logging in twice a day to send my emails, came to a sudden and defeating end. I couldn’t begin to explain what I felt. How I felt. But what’s the point.

So, I begin sending a flurry of scattered and rage fueled emails to Michael Beeson and his “support” crew. But to little avail because nobody ever replied back. Ever. I should have seen the signs. Looking back on it , if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve caught it.

That’s the thing though about this industry of affiliate marketing. When you first get in to it, it’s like landing in Las Vegas. You see all the shiny objects and videos and testimonials of people. From all walks of life and every corner of the globe. All of them holding or counting massive wads of cash, Fancy cars and monster houses. You are blinded by the light of your OWN pending success that it clouds your vision. Your ability to think rationally and sensibly. Regardless, I would now have to find a way to push through with no money and a compromised psychy, and start all over.

2016 would be a year of trials and mind altering ,moral twisting situations that would surely set me back 20 years or 6 feet under. Looking back I don’t know how I made it through but……here I am.

I met a new friend in early 2016 and it developed into a bond and understanding that somehow just worked. Literally we are very different people at opposite ends of the spectrum. To this very day I don’t know how we made it through. My friend, got pregnant early in 2016. (no it’s not mine)  I bet the people who know me won’t believe that but ..the baby wasn’t mine. She was leaving to go back to west coast, with her parents because we had ran out of options. No money, No work, No help and no chance. She left the last week of Aug. 2016.

For myself, I went north to my daughter’s house and set up my computer and workstation in her front room. I like to think I kept it pretty clean but it was a nuisance to say the least. But thankfully she never said anything about it and I would dive into my desktop refusing to stop until I found a way to succeed online.

Oct.18,2016. Before I go into this day let me fill you in on the summer of 2016 in Red Deer,Alberta,Canada. Between April and October I was in 6 fights. Was assaulted twice, once with a solid wood walking stick and second with a hammer. Both attacks were unprovoked and initiated by my own roommate over a late, one hundred dollar loan payment. If you can believe that.

That lead me to leave that residence, where my probation officer wanted me to be. He never understood the fact that I was trying to build an online business and distance myself from the people who were toxic in my life. So I left Red Deer which meant I wasn’t able to see him every week, which lead to me getting another 2 outstanding warrants for my arrest for breech of probation.  More on that later.

And to make matters even more complicated, the registration and insurance ran out on my truck the day after my birthday on July 20,2016.

To sum it all up, it breaks down like this:

-2 outstanding warrants for my arrest.

-No paychecks or online sales incoming.

-a broken nose

-Emotionally broken from not seeing my son.   513 to today’s date.  Missed his birthday which was 3 days ago.

Anyway, back to October 18,2016 and a day that would allow me to breathe. Even if for only a short time…….

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