Reclaiming My Life & Securing A Future

Reclaiming My Life & Securing A Future

Original Post May 8, 2015



My name is Robin Lauscher and this is my blog and my starting block to reclaiming my life and securing a future for myself and my children. There are facts and circumstances I will profess through these blog posts that will bring out many emotions. But if you follow my story , you will see that anything is possible and that justice DOES prevail!

Let me start by giving you a bit of background information. The oldest of 3 kids I had the best and most gratifying upbringing a kid could ever ask for. Mother a catholic school teacher and father a well respected drilling fluids engineer in the oilfields of Alberta.

Growing up we had anything we wanted and every opportunity to see the world, experience new things, participate in sports and pursue whatever we wanted to do. Life was always grand and great! I myself chose to live life by my own terms and fought the system in every way possible eventually having my first son at 17. At the time young people having children at school was very newe and caused quite a stir. Nevertheless I had begun a sequence of life altering choices that would nearly end my life or secure my place in a federal jail unless I changed my ways.

Over the years I would have countless jobs, girlfriends, financial windfalls and pitfalls and never really secured a future for myself or my children. O ya, currently I have 5 kids from 4 different woman. Kids are 27,24,19 and 9 and 3.And 3 beautiful grandchildren. And I am currently 43 years old. Also i’d like to add that until just recently , my life was plagued by addiction. Was a crack/cocaine addict for the better part of 17 years and a slew of social drugs and psychedelic cocktails wherever and whenever. So far I don’t paint a model father or productive member of society do I? And you know what?  I wasn’t. And I let down my children and the woman I was with over the course of the years and If any of them ever read this blog. I’m truly sorry for who and what I was to you and sincerely hope and want the absolute best for you!

Moving on.

Things were as good as they could have been ever at any one time in my life as they were from summer of 2009 to spring 2015. My father created another successful oilfield service company ,I was lead field supervisor and field management and money was better than ever. Everyone was happy, ex’s got their’s, kids got a lot more and bills were consistently being paid for the first time ever! By the way my credit rating has never exceeded 440. Me and money don’t mix and I don’t respect it.

Now MY STORY BEGINS…p.s. This is where everything comes full circle and my plan to reclaim it ALL begins on this blog.

The morning of March 19,2015 will be a day in my life that everything changed. And not just change but take violent and unexpected twists and jagged stops and starts that would forever change me and my life forever….

Event #1-The Economic Shift

…….to be continued..


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