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Original Post: June 15, 2017

With the new baby born and the winter’s first snowfall upon us ,we prepared and urgently make preparations to take baby home and figure life out after. That was the most important task at hand.

As i sat in our room at Ronald McDonald House , I remember going through brochures on getting the home ready for when baby goes home. We had secured an apartment 2 blocks from the hospital and things felt like they were coming around. I had my complete desktop in a plastic tote that took up a majority of space in my truck and it was also set up in the room at R.M.H. Nevertheless a normal life was starting to take shape.

My friend had left early that day as she always had to visit and be with her baby at the hospital. But today she was unusually late. She wasn’t answering her phone and I felt something was wrong.

You see my friend’s parents, who had come down to visit earlier in the year, were not your typical parents. And a far cry from my loving ,understanding and compassionate parents. Her’s were controlling and manipulative and preconceiving nightmare of a duo that would ultimately do the unthinkable.

As she walked in the door i could tell something was very wrong and it would come to affect everything. In a malicious and intentional act of destroying a mother’s will to live, they called family and social services on their own daughter, and told them bold faced lies, in order to take her baby away. And that’s what took place. My friend was bombarded by not 1 or 2 but 3 people pointing fingers and placing blame and before she knew what was going on ,her newborn baby would now be going home with someone else. On the court ordered plight of family and social services,on the basis that her and i would be incapable of ensuring the babies safety. Based on the false testimony of my friend’s evil parents on the west coast.

Does that seem right to you? Does that seem ‘just’? Fair? This is how that system runs. Anyone with a vengeful will and twisted tongue can call this government agency and tell bold faced lies and they act on it and alter the course of innocent people’s lives. The pain that we have felt during this ordeal has been monumental to say the least and i still managed to piece together my online business.

So with heavy hearts and freezing weather we moved into our apartment. Moving all the baby furniture and new born outfits into a storage bin. I think that part was the hardest. It felt so surreal that i think i was numb and time stood still for the next 3 months.

The battles endured at that apartment ranged from people selling our belongings when we weren’t home to people we had helped get on their feet threaten our lives because we couldn’t afford to take care of them for free anymore. My desktop crashed so bad it took 3 days to reboot. It just wasn’t designed to facilitate the work i was putting into it.

December 1,2016 to January 1,2017     Second Christmas in a row without seeing my son. Not even a phone call.  Revenue generated from my online business: $0.00 U.S.D. By far the worst month to have a worst month. But without money to invest into my business it would go dark within a month. I had to change something up. Both in my business and in my life. A radical change would need to occur if anything were to change.

So, that’s what i did. In flurry of thoughts and preparations i made the choice to omit every negative person, thought and act out of my life and never look back. And that’s what i did.

Overnight we went from not knowing what to do , to packing the house and leaving all the ‘bad’ behind. Looking back i don’t know what i was thinking but it somehow worked.

But it too would come at a cost. So we headed north, not knowing where we were going or how we would start over. We had 143 km to figure it out. The trials of perseverance and life would test us both in the weeks to come. And it all started here.

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Original Post May 29, 2017 As I sat in my hotel room, in a state of confusion,anger,disbelief and sadness, I somehow knew that everything would now change and that if i wanted a normal, deserved and happy relationship with my son…….that i would have to fight for it. Fight for him. Fight for us. But it would come at a cost. And the long road to happiness would begin a few hours after I returned to my hotel room. 4:34 pm, July 15,2016. Contemplating what to do, I pace about my room , the outside door propped open in case the police came by to ‘talk to me’. Trying to keep my senses about me I weighed the pro’s and con’s of several courses of action. Pretty much all of them resulting in me going to jail. Many times over the years my ex and I got into physical arguments.…

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The morning of July 15,2017 was a special morning for me. For the first time in a long time i was content. Happy. Wanting the day to commence and bring forth the laughter, fun that i was about to share with my son who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It is important to note that during the past 5 weeks leading up to this day, I,was in contact with my ex’s daughter, who also calls/called me Dad, to make arrangements and coordinate a plan so i could see my son. Because my ex still won’t have contact with me directly and wouldn’t give me her new number. As to the best of my knowledge,, my step daughter was relaying the messages to my ex and as far as I knew, things were set for me to pick up my son and spend 4-5 days with him in his…

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Last day_Ryder and Me

There was nothing that any of my family and especially myself, was prepared for what would happen next. The price of oil plummets. Our entire lives, our jobs, our money , our investments….our livelihood….gone. Over night we went from pretty well off to wondering what we could do to save our homes. This one day would push me to the very limits of what it means to struggle. Gone were gifts to my kids. Gone were the little or grand extra’s that one week earlier seemed like gimme’s. Before I go any further it’s important to know that i was always an addict to some degree or another and it itself had a resounding effect on both my relationships and my personal life. But i always or my family gave by far,. Fast forward to winter of 2015. Creditors and bills start to pile up. i have no idea what…

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