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KeywordVideoProductions: Affordable Video Marketing options for ALL

One morning I logged in to my email account and saw an opportunity and 60 minutes later, was launched.

When I got started over 4 years ago, I remember going to social media sites and other marketing related sites and seeing awesome animated logo’s and cool branded Outro’s and wishing I had an extra $50-$300 to spend on a cool video that i could use in my marketing campaigns. But, it was not to be. Mainly my start up budget from month to month was always already over, or well out of my wheel house to afford to have one made.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a-lot of branded and established video creation companies and individuals out there who can make you a hollywood worthy video and their price commands it. There video’s are well worth the impression and visually grabbing content they convey to awaiting eyeballs all over the world. If you are doing well in your business and have the funds to get one from one of those video makin juggernauts then I implore you, Get One!

But for everyone else who hasn’t had a 300% R.O.I. on a traffic campaign or sold $250,000 worth of Amazon products in their store…Then my videos are for you. Unfortunately our website is not quite ready but we are still operational and can be found HERE and HERE for more information.

However, starting from the time this post is live, you can get a 100% FREE Animated Logo. To qualify for this limited time offer, you must first sign-up to UpCrowdMe. (Affecting Change Through The Power Of Giving). I will just tell you now it is $5. That’s it. So, the video ain’t 100% free is guess but I am taking orders on Fiverr.Com where the price is nearly $35 for the same video. Plus, you’ll get the $5 back probably by the end of the day. If not the next. So have quick peek and if you sign-up just send me an email with a scanned copy of your Paypal receipt and type ‘Blog Offer’ in the subject line and your animated logo will begin to be processed.

Thanks for reading this post. Talk Soon.