A Pinterest board made in your honour.

Hey, to everyone that follows this blog and my journey to reclaim my happiness, PLEASE FORGIVE me and this post if it seems a little, reckless or raw. But when people have gone out of their way to rip your heart out and use children as pawns for their own selfish reasons, it changes you. It makes me feel like lashing out and holding my own court imposed ruling. So i apologize if this post turns anyone off or feels the need to unfollow me. I understand but sometimes you gotta do what’s required to set things right. Without further adieu,

“Making a child too scared to speak about someone they love, makes you a piece of shit.”

The second I saw this pin, your arrogant fucking face was all i could see. Instantly my heart began to race…What you are doing to my son is horrible and your about to get a taste of your own fucked up medicine!

I guess you could equate this to making your child throw away an xbox one his father bought for him, just to replace it with one that YOU bought, so nothing his father gave him was in your house. Like how petty and small are you. In the past 1000 days i have tried to reason with you. even though I dont have to prove shit to you. I have changed. Grown. And during the past 4 years of my own personal transformation, which should be a time to celebrate and recognize person achievement, it has been one of growing despair and loss. On a scale you cant even imagine. It pained my heart to know that when my oldest son passed away last October, that YOU couldnt even come down off your high horse just to share your condolences. Like i did for you when you lost a child a few years before. But to think you can FORCE my son to call your bf DAD, well that just makes you a mentally fucked up and arrogant piece of shit the world doesnt want or need!!

But this message outlines it perfectly. It makes YOU a piece of shit and one of the lowest people on the face of the earth.

Upon learning that you have mentally tormented my son, whenever he speaks of me or mentions my name has drastically shifted my efforts to make YOU accountable for the selfish bitch mentally you have FORCED upon your other kids and MY SON to feed your fucked up need to live your fantasy life where everyone kisses your ass and is afraid to speak their mind.

To make your children feel afraid to be themselves and voice their own opinions out of fear that you will rip them a new mind and soul and degrade them until they agree or feel they HAVE TO see it your way or be isolated within their own family is disgusting and you will pay for all the shit you have deliberately done to withhold my son from me with NO COURT IMPOSED order, with NO LIMITING ACTIONS from any agency or government branch.

After all I did for you even before our son was born. After all my family did to help you, countless times. And just because i couldnt be with you because your attitude and outright disrespect for anyone who DOESNT FOLLOW YOUR LEAD and WHIM was embarrassing and I hated who I was being with YOU! My son WILL be allowed to laugh, play, grow and be who he wants to be!! NOT who YOU tell him to be!!

Your unethical and self loathing, ‘ME, ME, ME and more ME’ world is about to come crashing down all around you and when the noise stops and the dust settles, all you will see is me and MY SON walking away….together….happy…and excited to reclaim our bond where we left off. You deserve everything that is about to put you and your perfect self in check for the world and community you live in to see. You always were one to NEED the ATTENTION of everyone, everywhere. Be careful what you wish for. 😉

See ya soon ya selfish fucking bitch!

P.S. To the Other piece of shit people that live on Mill Road in Qualicum Beach, B.C….I know what you did to try and silence this blog and my march towards bringing THIS story to the masses and I’m here to tell you, YOU FAILED! Everything is about to start all over again, from the very beginning. You recently told someone we both know that “You didn’t want to fight anymore”….Well guess what? 😉 LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Soon you realize the cost of railroading someone you didn’t even know life to quench your need to control people and lives you had no business sticking your fake fucking noses in! I can’t wait to see your fucking face when try to understand how the fuck you got here!! Look in your local newspaper circulation over the next cpl of days. 🙂 Your Welcome.

Affiliate Marketing-The More You Learn, The Darker It Gets

Affiliate Marketing-The More You Learn, The Darker It Gets, may seem…….aggressive.

But is it?

I don’t know about you, but for me this is ‘How It Is & How It Goes’.

My journey has been….well….scattered. Since day 1, 4+ yrs ago, I was hooked. The various systems, platforms & services were and still are like little gifts. That everyday when I login, I get to open it up, take a look inside and see what new traffic source I can leverage or opportunity I can make some money with. And when they say ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ that’s exactly how it is. I learn something new every single day. The possibilities are endless. And those that focus on 1 thing, usually end up making a pile of dough. These possible financial windfalls are for whoever can figure out the best way to place, and then convert their offer. Anyone can try, anyone can profit. But very few actually do. Why?

This is how its been for me. Without naming certain vendors or products, I have at least 5 products which I also bought the O.T.O.3 at the very end of the funnel. Usually it is a Coaching offer or a 100% Done For You offer. You know the ones, the ‘We will build your funnel, give you the email follow up series, and all you have to do is sit back, put your feet up, and watch the commissions flood your PayPal account. Of the $97 private coaching offers that i bought, one was a poorly thrown together private Q & A, where the 30 or so other people who bought it all started asking their questions and in the 90 min session that was given for this ‘private coaching’, only 3 questions were addressed and most of the panel left with no resolution to their issue. The option was given to email the vendor and he would reply to you within 24 hrs. I submitted mine 20 mins later. It has been almost 2 years and still no reply. As far as the ‘Done For You’ sit back and relax and wake up to an endless row of payment notifications on your phone, do I even have to say?

So, what’s my point and how does that make Affiliate Marketing-The More You Learn The Darker It Gets?

It is this way because the bigger you are, and the more you know, enables anyone to be LESS ACCOUNTABLE.

I have 4 totally awesome software that range from getting endless streams of targeted traffic to auto sign up’s & bonus builders that come together so fast your head will spin.


I cannot fully utilize these tools and software because my account has not been upgraded to the PRO or Elite status. And support for these software and tools just redirects to a Messenger Bot who asks how he can help you, followed by a ‘We will get back to you asap’. I have been sending this support tickets for nearly a year and still no answer. Another mega high profile email marketer has been charging me every month for the past 3 years, for a program I must have opted into when i first started. I just found out about that 2 months ago and when i tried to contact support for money back, all i was given was a list of sub domain support links to each individual branch of this massive company. I even tried to find in my recurring payments inside PayPal and I cant find it. But like clockwork, every month on the 16th, a $17 payment is taken. Nobody cares, nobody gives a shit if you didn’t mean to optin to a program or offer.

Those who do NOT want to be contacted by lowly and non earning affiliates, have the know-how and the skills to be ‘Unreachable’. Very few companies online even show ‘Good Will towards their fellow man’. And by few, i mean a handful. Maybe. Last fall I lost my oldest son. I cannot begin to explain what that horrible event does to a parent. I won’t tell you about that but the night before he passed, I had to pay $130 USD just to have a phone call with a massive E-Commerce person. But suddenly the little bit of extra money I had to invest, was suddenly not nearly enough money that i needed for my sons final arrangements. (Sadly, I am not a super affiliate so I was not prepared for this). I asked for the immediate refund of my money as now I would not be investing in this program. To me, on that very day, I needed that money back. Do you think that company gave 2 shit’s about my problem? Nope. 20 days later I finally got it back.

So in my opinion, anyone either already here, or thinking of starting your own online business, just be prepared to dig in and get ready for alot of failures, and misrepresentation and support and billing issues that will never get resolved. Not all, but some. We are all here to make money, ethically of course. So if you are already making some money online and you are comfortable and things are going well, help someone out…..for nothing in return. Just try it. I’m not saying for everyone , all the time. Just help some ‘random’ one. I think if a little more ‘Good Will’ was shown in I.M. then maybe there would be a few more happy and non-struggling people.


CHECK YOUR MESSAGES AND GET BACK TO ME!!! After all, I just wanna use and showcase YOUR KICK ASS SOFTWARE!!!

This piece is for all of you still struggling to make that online money. Keep going. You’ll get there. For now, Click the underlined words, and download the free report on  100 Fast List Building Technique’s & Methods


Family Justice in Canada? Ya right!

Family Justice in Canada is a myth! You might ask yourself, “How would you know?”.

I’ll tell you.

Anyone following this blog will know what I refer to. It refer’s to my son, James David Hodgson. Born November 19, 2016. I have never been able to hold or love my son, I only know him from short video messaging conversations and pictures.

He was stolen from his mother and I for one selfish reason. That reason lives on 515 Mill Road. In Qualicum Beach, B.C. The residence of Lez(Leslie) & Deb(Debra) Hodgson. The defining reason all of this is taking place, simply because I drove out to the west coast in fall of 2016 to visit my friend and chose to stay in a hotel(On MY vacation and MY god given right) instead of staying at their home so they could ‘control’ the situation.

As Stupid and petty as that sounds, that IS the reason why. Fast forward to today, we have tried every avenue of help to correct this serious misallocation of justice but no agency, no government assisted help, no police and no legal council will help us in our fight.

Instead, we are bounced from one phone number to another, one community outreach program to another, each one neither helping nor directing our fight in any way. The saddest part, if we were from another country seeking asylum or shelter for our political views THEN we would qualify for assistance. But because we are from Canada, we don’t qualify for SHIT!!

This country has fallen apart. We no longer have the comfort or security of knowing that “This land is OUR LAND”, because it is NOT! It belongs to others that came here from other places and other religions.Justice on any level belongs to others but not to those born and raised here in Canada. For if you are FROM CANADA, you qualify for NOTHING!! All these social outreach programs are a farce and a facade! Everything from the Rotary Club to the Salvation Army offer NOTHING to those who actually need it! See if im joking, I implore you to! Go to the Salvation Army of Canada website and just try to find where ANYONE can receive help. Not give a donation or volunteer but APPLY & RECEIVE HELP! It doesn’t exist. They must hand out or email a secret web link to receive their help. I have tried in vain to reach out but it has gotten me nowhere only leading right back to the same ‘Contact Us’ message box. Does anyone answer? Sure. What do they say? Refer back to the message box. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!

Legal council, so busy counting their fat wallets from other cases, could care less that someone stole your child. All they care about, “Absolutely! We would be happy to help you, but first we are gonna need $3500 to retain our services” PFFFTT!! Who the FUCK has $3500 just laying around? Especially if your from Alberta, and have already put yourself and your family in financial ruin caring after someone else’s adult child they forcefully sent back to you to begin with!!

Listen, I know this story may be hard to follow. Believe me, it has been even harder trying to explain this fucked up situation that has brought so many hardships. Both mentally and financially. In a year when I lost my oldest son while he slept in a hotel at work. Who offers any relief to those affected by the malicious actions of others only brought forward to purposely inflict emotional pain. Regardless of indisputable proof, a call to a local R.C.M.P. detachment yielded only one answer. Its a CIVIL MATTER. Are you fucking kidding me?? Last I checked, (which was this morning) says anyone purposely taking action against another to purposely inflict emotional pain or injury is MALICIOUS INTENT. Which IS a FEDERAL CRIME!! Go Figure. I bet if me or my family had made a sizeable donation to expand a local detachment wing, I would get the attention or be able to file a complaint or have solid grounds to issue an arrest to the piece of shit vile people on 515 Mill Road. But……..Nothing comes of it. I fear my son beyond my reach now as too much time has expired. But not from lack of trying. But when Justice In Canada is defined by how much our wallets hold, then that in itself is a serious, serious problem!

But you mark my words, this fight is not over!! Not by a long shot!! I know why you coward, vile human’s don’t take action against me. And so does everyone else. And so be it!! I’m bringing the fight to your front door asshole!! Just you fucking wait! You fucked with the wrong one! At the wrong time and you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for your selfish actions!!

For James, Ryder and in memory of my late son Joshua.

Forever Love,

Your father, Robin.

This is where I am now.

What’s up everyone!

Again, sorry it’s been so long. But I have been hopelessly trying to get my son’s back, build a business, and make up for lost time which is proving to be harder than I ever could have imagined.

Update on the fight to get my baby boy James back. Near impossible. The ‘Life destroying couple on Vancouver Island have filed injunctions, restraining orders and any other kind of chicken shit roadblocks to cloud the courts view of the actual circumstances.

I have also learned that money really can buy you anything. It can manipulate courts decisions, initiate blockades of communication and out right destroy another person’s life. And unless you have a matching funded wallet, then i am sorry to say that there isn’t a god dam thing you can do about it.

Regardless of condemning proof and a documented timeline full of receipts, emails, conversations, text messages and even a government enforcement agency noticing that something ‘just wasn’t right.’ None of those key elements are of any use. Why? Because unless you have $3500 for a retainer, sorry but you are shit out of luck. I have written all the way up the government ladder. Right to the Attorney General of Canada. And while they all ‘feel’ for my situation they can only help or connect with other government officials. All I’ve ever gotten is a person to contact down the ladder and it results in nothing.

So I ask and wonder this.

How Does someone has been wrongfully judged, overlooked or been a victim of false testimony and malicious Intent go about getting their life back?

How? And then why won’t ANY legal office or person HELP ME get my SON BACK?

I have called countless lawyers in both B.C. and A.B. and nobody or agency can or will help me correct this serious matter in which MY SON was used as a pawn. He was used as leverage by 2 mentally sick people against their own daughter. Not once but twice in 20 months. Then forced their daughter on a plane to Alberta, without our son she just got back 5 months earlier. Promising she could come back in a few weeks after the bitch grandmother ‘cooled down’.

Just to purposely HURT HER, ME and give our son AWAY without even telling us.

Think about that. Who does that? Think of the pain we continually go through.

She has been with me, trying anything to get someone to help us. The only contact from her P.O.S. parents came 6 weeks ago. Out of the blue, D.H. texted her daughter. She only had 1 thing to say and ask.

“Are you still with Robin?”  ?????? really?

After 8 months of no contact, MOST parents, mother’s, father’s, would say “How are you?” or “I miss you, how have you been?” Or even maybe give an update on the status of her other little girl and OUR SON.  But no. Not this sick woman. She only wanted to know if she was with me still.  Stunned of the FACT that she doesn’t have a choice or the means to be anywhere else!! She HAS TO BE WITH ME you moron!! You Ripped her son away from her because you wanted to control the lives of other people and when you found out you couldn’t you lashed out and did the unthinkable AGAIN!! Separating mother from son so you could play out your sick fuck game and ensure WE would NEVER find or get him back!!

Well guess what. Through all the injunctions, and restraining orders and blocks you put in place to try to cover up the illecit steps you took over the past 3 years have failed! 🙂

Out of the darkest of everything you have done to us, someone noticed. Finally the right person noticed. And this person has ensured us that ALL of these wrongs WILL BE CORRECTED. And all those responsible WILL ATONE for THEIR ACTIONS.

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. They played ALL their cards.

Now it’s OUR turn. James will be COMING HOME SOON! And D&L.H will be forced to defend or justify their actions. Only thing is, they won’t be able to. Because they were all done with Malicious & Hurtful Intent!!  And the stupidest and most petty reason ALL of this took place………..


Because I chose to stay at a hotel on MY vacation to see my friend, instead of staying in the House of Control and Manipulation on Mill Road in Qualicum Beach, B.C.

You should not have stuck your evil nose in my business or taken my son and life from me!! You sick fucks are about to ‘Pay the Piper’  🙂

In the meantime, To ANY and ALL residents of British Columbia. Our Son, James David Hodgson, is with a loving family I am sure. Please connect with us. Just email or call me at:



Please. He belongs with us. He never should have been traded back and forth as many times as he has been. The agency that set him up with you is acting under the false testimony of his uncaring and cold grandmother who gave him away after forcing her own daughter to leave the province. Simply because she could not control me, her daughter the way she wanted it to be. There are many things you don’t know and I can show and prove them all. Either the process will return him to us.

Thanks for reading my update.

Robin Lauscher

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Sunny Skies Ahead

It’s been a while. I apologize.

And while the seemingly impossible fight to reclaim my son’s continues, I continue to push forward in my life and business.

But before I get into that I really need to get something off my back. What is with our justice system. My case is clearly one of deception and out right lies, yet the people that incurred this whole ordeal are not held to any accountability for what they have done.

They even went so far as to file an injunction against this blog. Lol. Can you believe that?

Knowing they crossed a line by using my son as a pawn in their scattered and sick plan to control every person within their family circle.

I mean HOW can it be allowed or admissible to lie on an affidavit, purposely separate mother and son, TWICE, and then send mother a province away, then give away her baby a week later.

If that doesn’t scream “Malicious Intent” then I don’t what does.

Yet lawyer after lawyer tells me it’s not relevant. Really? So someone can outright destroy someone else’s life, for no gain other than to cause emotional and financial hardship.

And then to use a little boy as a pawn to satisfy their need to be right and in control.

They are snakes. They have no morals or regrets. They see people as ‘expendable’. They use the courts and give false testimonies to get what they want, leaving broken lives, brokens hearts and lost and confused children in their wake.

How can this be allowed? I always thought this country was pretty good at evaluating and delivering fair and appropriate justice.  I can tell you that from where I stand, our justice system is severely flawed. When Family & Social Services gets involved they too have shady ways to embellish or ‘revise’ documents that destroy families.

Everyday I see, less than loving parents of little children who publicly get aggressive over a crying baby or wandering youngster. It makes me furious!

Just the other day a couple in a store had  a crying little one and the father picked up this little girl by her arm, spanked her and then forcefully threw her into the carriage. Swearing and cursing at this little girl. They went at the counter and not even the clerk said anything.  They get their baby but I don’t get mine??

Help me understand this.

And to L& D, I know you’ll read this. You think it’s over? It’s not.It has just begun. You think you know me, you don’t. I am 100x the parent you ever could be. You have caused so much anguish and pain that I’m sure your happy about. It reflects to the type of people you are. Methodical, calculating and malicious. NOTHING about you or who you portray yourself to be is based on Love, Understanding, Unconditional, genuine. People like you don’t deserve those personal traits. You don’t qualify.


Sorry I got off track. This week Im launching a business that will be my legacy business direction. Come back mid-week to see what’s happening!

To the Scumbags on Mill Rd. Qualicum Beach, B.C.

Baby James

First off, I know you read this blog. I know your lawyers and other legal council you’ve sequestered to HIDE and COVER UP what you’ve done, also read it too.


Today, after calling and being ignored and outright LIED to by public lawyer referral services and having Legal Aid WASTE our time for nearly 3 months, they came back to us and told us they WOULD not be taking our case because there is NO way to prove any of it.


Obviously they spoke to the wrong person. I have EVERYTHING related to MY SON, and these LYING P.O.S, people who have manipulated the justice system and the family courts into believing THEY are so loving and have done so much to ensure the safety of MY SON!!!

Since when is it allowed to LIE on an affidavit, that totally alters the entire course of an individual’s life.

Since when it is ok to use children as pawn’s in other people’s sick & twisted need to be in control. I guess since it was ok to maliciously tear mother from child TWICE in less than 18 months.

Also, I guess when the courts say it is OK for ANYONE to give FALSE TESTIMONY about another, regardless of ANY implications it may have on that person.

Since when is our Family & Social Services so quick to judge and feel the need to use their position within the system to outright discredit and manipulate other people’s lives.

You see, I didn’t know the rules only applied to people who can PAY to have them changed or altered…….or REVISED!

THis is where we are at….Since my last post the most immoral and evil and cold-hearted couple who reside on 515 Mill Rd, Qualicum Beach, B.C. have filed paper’s EVERYWHERE to block our progress to reclaim our son they gave away, just to be in control and to hurt their OWN daughter and me. They didn’t even give a shit about OUR SON JAMES!! Their only intent from the very beginning was to be in control of their daughter and to withhold him from me because I gave their daughter a VOICE!

Through MY family , she was shown REAL love and support. Not FAKE and FORCED love like the SCUMBAGS on Mill Road are. They have taken EVERY legal course of action to BLOCK and COVER UP what they have done!!

They are a couple STUPID MOTHER FU@$”! ‘S!!

They use this blog as their ‘O my!! I’m scared!! Look at the horrible things he writes!! This is why we need to protect our grandson we gave away!! Because we love him so much!!”


I want this blog to catch fire and pass the word because NOTHING will stop my progress to reclaim my son, my happiness, my life and to make you BOTH accountable for every lie and unethical action you took against me and my son and his mother from DAY 1!!!

Your money and bullshit lies can’t close every door!! And I will not rest until you atone for EVERYTHING you stole from your daughter, from me and from JAMES!!!

And after we get him back and he grows up, when he’s ready I’ll tell him of this fight. That his mother and I fought to get him back after his own GRANDPARENTS tore him from his mother not once but TWICE before he was even 1.5 years old!!

LEZ & DEB HODGSON!! You are vile and despicable human beings. You have used your methodical notions and lies to outright destroy the lives of 3 people. Do you really think this would ever be allowed? DO you think you’ve won?! LMFAO!!!

Every action you take in defense simply adds to the massive pile of OFFENSE that’s about to come knocking on your door!!!

So all you lawyers who signed up for a subscription to this blog,Welcome!

I know your here, and that’s fine. I welcome ALL legal person’s who signed up only to report on this case.

Let me ask you this.

If I truly felt I didn’t have rights or a platform to stand on, Do you think I would even be ‘HERE’?  Writing what I write ‘HERE’! Are you under the impression that I am an uneducated or simple man?  If you do, I can almost guarantee it was on the words from Deb & Lez Hodgson. Who I can prove told many, many LIES and MALICIOUS INTENT towards Melissa and myself during the past 2 years. Think about it. Why would they go through such length’s? And then ask yourself…..

Why are YOU HERE!!  🙂

Melissa and baby were with each other night and day after getting him back in September 2017. Right up until they FORCED her to take a plane to Alberta.


Or maybe the question should really be, What did Lez & Deb Hodgson tell you was the reason why.

I bet you FACT and what THEY told you are 2 extremely different stories.

I have NEW & REVISED documents that I”m sure ANY of you would love to see.

Then again, you probably are wishing that I did NOT possess them. TOO BAD!!

I DO!!

Wanna compare notes and other ‘interesting and relevant exhibits??

This isn’t over. Not even close. In fact, things are just where they NEED to be.

And ALL person’s and agencies involved in this….will be named and brought to the front of the line.

Back someone into a corner when you think they’ve got nothing left. When you think you’ve managed to cover up every hole and avenue that may be used to EXPOSE the true account of this outrage!!

To most, they would be done. They would surrender. That’s how there is NO way you could have said the things you did, UNDER OATHE, about me. Because you don’t know me. And when the dust settles, you’ll wish you never stuck your nose in my life and used my little boy in your fucking twisted sick game of life!!

To the Legal person’s of Interest following this Blog.

I am right here. If ever you want the RIGHT and CORRECT information and to correct a serious misallocation of Justice to reunite a loving mother and father with their son, please! Get ahold of me.

Thanks for reading this post and there is much more to come.


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