About Robin Lauscher

In the spring of 2015, the job that I and my family had enjoyed and thrived from, had suddenly been destroyed over-night. When the price of oil fell to record lows, the oilfields of Alberta in Western Canada were greatly affected. Energy companies that occupied massive industrial yards and buildings were now empty. Our family owned business relied on contracts and daily jobs supplied by those energy companies.

Over-night, we lost our income, our houses, our credit, and worst of all our families security and happiness. It was a dark and crippling time as everything had changed. The Economic collapse of 2015 still has massive impacts on this regions growth. Energy companies haven’t resumed oil drilling operations at the capacity they once were. Thousands of oil workers and service companies are out of work and out of business.

So, I was forced to seek out a new career at 41 years old. The oil patch was all I had ever known and worked in since I was 18. One day I was online looking for a job and in my search I found a niche I had never heard of or even knew existed. The Online Marketing Industry.

Instantly, I was hooked. I mean where else could the possibility of making life changing sums of money exist? Nowhere I knew of. Over the next 5+ years I have been scammed, I have invested in myself and in my learning of many different methods and process to generate a recurring passive income online.

It is my passion. I mean someone needs to have a special kind of dedication to keep going if you don’t make much money over 5+ years. But because I love this industry, I have seen and experienced a-lot of eye opening issues that I feel should be common practice or knowledge for everyone.

I will probably get some back lash from other marketers or industry leaders but it’s what i base my whole business on. 100% transparency when I recommend ANY business venture or investment opportunity. So, here it goes…

Regardless of what you read or hear, making money online is NOT easy. It requires countless hours of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. You will have many failures before you have 1 that succeeds. Expect disappointment or for things not work as they are said to. ‘Shiny Objects” will fill your inbox daily. Offering 1 click solutions to your problems. I’m telling you now, MOST of them do not work. They work for the product creator because they have all the angles covered. As a newbie or someone who is fairly new to the industry, you don’t have any of the social accounts built up , or you don’t have authority or seen as a leader in your chosen market or niche.

There are many key components of almost any promising digital product launch that new people, heck even some experienced people don’t have yet. The chances you will make any money from these and slim and nil. Ask anyone. Over 90% of people and business’s fail in this industry and it’s not surprise why. The answers are right in front of your eyes but most people are constantly searching for the easy path to internet riches. …If that’s you, I wish you the best of luck but those kind of methods, do NOT exist. There is no magic button or mystical mega riches web-page.

To succeed here, you need to invest in yourself and what will be the foundation of your online business. The same principles that apply to a brick and mortar business, apply to online business. You NEED money to make money. Plain and simple. However, it is much easier to build an online business. You wont need employees, unless you succeed in a massive way and need people to help you scale your business. You don’t have any overhead. No building or office rent. But there are certain expenses you will have in an online business. Its automatic. You cant do business without em’.

But check in every once in a while because I love giving away free stuff. Or websites where you can get free stuff or free trials.

Lastly, my advice to you would be to do your research before investing in any online venture and you’ll come out the other side ok. Or just ask someone or search for a review video on the subject. Many times they will point out the good and bad points of that product and save you the frustration of trying to make a product that wont work, work. 🙂

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