What Do You Think?

How long have you been trying to generate an income online?

Have you had your breakthrough yet? If so, how did it happen? Which path did you discover that worked for you?

Along the way, were you ever let down, disappointed or taken advaantage of? Scammed? Treated unfairly? Overlooked?

For those of you who know me, or have followed me, you would know that I have stood up for whats right where very few have. Many people have chosen to stay silent, putting their future business relationships or growing customer base ahead of standing up for what’s right.

Perhaps, my inability to remain calm and collected has cost me alot concerning my online business. In the past 15 months following the passing of my oldest son, things have gone from bad & struggling to really bad & hanging on by a thread. Literally. My posts here have become few and far between. Not because I don’t want this platform anymore and certainly not because I don’t value you, my most valued and respected followers, but because I have desperately been seeking anyone, any business, any agency to listen and help me sort through the destruction and dismantling of my life.

My search continues today. My other little boy, James, is most certainly well beyond my reach as too much time has expired. Plus, by now, I do not think it would be fair to him to have him taken away from yet another family. So, my heart is in a constant state of sadness and emotional turmoil because of this. My now 11 year old son, whose mother is too selfish to share her phone number or anything else with me, yearns to see me. And I him. What has happened to me and my life as a result of other people’s actions against me for no reason other than to puff out their chest and be seen as in control, has cost me everything.  Yet here I still remain. And I will not stop until those responsible for all these actions are held accountable.

But wait…There is more.

Online, things are just as bad. Even though I am no less commited to making my online business work, still putting in 16-20 days getting nowhere. Why? Because in order to run with the business models I have shaped and molded over 4 years, I need to send paid traffic to my landing pages, websites and affiliated ads and links scattered about the web. Without traffic to my offers, there is no incoming revenue. And why don’t I have any capital to help me with, because the actions against me are either taking it from me, the government is taking too long to sort this out, and those who can help, don’t care.

Until this seemingly endless string of unusual circumstances comes to an end, I will forever struggle. There is no other way. To make matters worse, the vehicle I had bought 2 days before my sons passing has been repossessed. Affecting my credit, ability to move around and fight, and all things related.

I was following a relatively unknown marketer who is a ‘GIVEAWAY GUY’. Meaning his brand is built on giving away premium software and tools. Many for free, other’s by a weekly promotion he does every Friday. Over the past 2.5 years I purchased nearly every single product he offered, and every single Friday promotion right up until this past August. Over this period I have amassed an inventory of over 1300 digital products & Tools & Specialized software surrounding the ‘Make Money Online’ industry.

You name it, I have it. Here’s what happened.

Because of the overwhelming success this marketer had suddenly gained, account creations and customer fullfillment was soon too much for him and his partner. Many times I would wait 2-3 weeks just to get access. One promotion promised me 500 targeted leads. We were told to wait for a few days while they got them and soon I would recieve an email with instructions on how to collect my leads. NOthing came. For weeks I wait, and sent in support tickets that went unanswered. Still nothing. So, on one webinar I logged in and near the end of the webinar I asked about my leads. Then, I got an answer.

It’s important to know that prior to this, I had had many exchanges with support because software accounts werent complete or even working but we managed to work past this. This came after.

Soon, I would try to login to the affiliate site, and get a 404. This site refuses to connect. ??? Really? Why?

For the next 5 weeks, I continued to buy the $5 Friday promo, he took my money and said nothing, until he finally got back to me, saying I abused support(which we had already settled) and now I was banned from the site and every product I had purchased over the past 2.5 years I no longer had access. AND…….every commission I had owing to me, was denied. For months my commissions sat inside PaykickStart and I asked many times about them with no response.

So basically, because I asked about my fucking leads, this unethical piece of shit, took my money, then blocked my IP from accessing the site, didnt pay me a single commission all because he is mistaken and overwhelmed by too much business. WHich he openly admits in an email addressed to his subscribers. But doesnt think he may have me mixed up with someone else. And do you know who can help you fix unfair business disputes such as this?? NOBODY!

There is NO PLATFORM or SERVICE out there for affiliates. I wanst gonna say anytihng about a certain platform but fuck em’. PAYKICKSTART,, is the most bias, and chicken shit platform out there. I tried filing a complaint with them, do you know what they told me?

I was told outright that the vendor, who they house and feed, had said his side of the story and that was good enough for them. They would not do a fucking thing about my commissions that were never paid that sat endlessly inside my account. Without even hearing my side or trying to come to some resolve. They do NOT give a shit, if affiliates get their owed commissions. There is no governing body that oversees these types of injustices online. Nobody cares. The only thing any body or service cares about, is how much traffic & revenue someone brings to them. Why do you think the BIG GUYS keep getting bigger & bigger. Because once you reach a certain level of traffic/sales and all metrics related, its like an avalanche. The momentum of what you have created will carry you a long way. And the faster and bigger people/business’s become , the less the give a shit about those who got them their and use their newly acquired following to shit all over the little people who bought into their bullshit and continue to put in ling hours and days doing whatever they can to make ends meet.

And all of this months after my son passed away. Money is tight. Tighter than ever. I continue to live with my father, whose Parkinsons seems to take more of him everyday. Its hard. Beyond anything I could have expected or prepared for. Nothing is getting resolved and nobody listens…..still.

Now I know there are others out there. Im not the first. What can I do to fix anything? Is there a platform or service I have overlooked? A process I was too nieve to follow? Too simple and made it complex? Idk. All I know is that I have an extreme thirst for knowledge and for helping others become aware of these setbacks or processes that leave someone exposed to be thrown under the bus and nobody their to throw you a lifeline.

Am I pissed? You bet.  Can I remember the last time I laughed or sat around with friends? No. I cant.  Have the actions of others cost me more than I care to explain? Yes. I need to talk to someone. About anything or nothing but I need someone to vent to. To maybe share their insight or share a similiar story of how they rebounded from it or what they did to move past it. Anything.

Again, sorry if this post seems scattered and random. I have so much to say and I fear very little time left to say it.

Thanks for reading to the end. By the weeks end I will have another post, and inside of it there will be a HYPERLINK that will take you to a download page where a few free gifts will be. There wont be anything to buy and no optin form to fill out. Just a 100% no cost gift to you for taking the time be a part of my journey online.

I appreciate the F^&$%# outta you!

For Paige, Tyan, Ryder, James & Joshua.   Much Love.

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