This is a continuing live case study pertaining to unfair & unethical business practice online. This vendor in particular is directly affecting me so I will tell you what is happening now. For a recap go to yesterday’s post HERE.

So it has come to my attention that Frank had to voice his opinions or made his statement regarding my post last night. I have absolutely nothing to hide. This situation is very common amongst vendors. The second they move from a nobody to a somebody then all of a sudden YOU don’t matter. Nothing I stated in my post was false.

Yes there was many times I had frustrated dealings with support staff at $5Friday. Wouldn’t you if you bought something that didn’t work and then couldn’t get help for it for weeks on end?? I dont see whats so hard to understand. He openly admits to biting off more than he could chew with all the promises he made through $5 Friday offers he made. He admits that. But cant admit to maybe having the timeline a bit mixed up and out of sorts. I can prove every single recorded email and convo we had.

But Frank never admits fault. NEVER. Instead he undermines people by getting them contact him through his private email and then tells them whatever just to patch it over. Although I was offered help many times over the past almost 4 years, NOT ONCE did he & I get on a call where he helped me map out anything to produce even a single dollar.

For those of you who were following Frank PRIOR to the $5 Fridays, How many products were offered and did you buy that were rehashed, renamed and re sold to new people thru the $5 Friday???
How many of you if ANY, have made ANY MONEY through these fabulous programs and websites he builds for you?
But seriously, Do you research? For anyone who bought MailEngine, or Any of the products that he had to ‘create an account’ for you…..Go login into any one of those products, look in the URL to the domain…Now lemme ask you this, HOW MANY LEADS DO YOU GET or HAVE GOTTEN from ANY of the sites you had Frank build you??
I will bet you its an extremely SMALL number. DO you know why? Because all of your leads get funneled directly to Franks domain. Sure you get the affiliate sale, maybe, but the lead itself does NOT end up in your autoresponder. All of these products you have on your inventory sheet, what have you done with them? WHat are youy going to do with them? Everyone remembers the FB GROUP PROFITS charade, look at all the confusing, always changing rules to who got what group and those people picking 10 more and then 10 more………….Ill give the first person who shows me verified proof that you made off like a bandit with ANY of these awesome products, ill let you promote and profit from a high ticket opportunity that I am positioned in. It has $1000 commissions for 1 sale attached to it.

Anyone though. I am NOT the bad guy, and for him to KEEP what he owed me for commissions that were supposed to be paid months ago, is just wrong. Ifr you dont see that then one day you too will be thrown under the bus by another pompeous vendor like Frank Andres!!.
ALso take into consideration that he’ll blast out some same ol bullshit reason why he did this, but do you think he’ll man up and speak to me directly about it?? Nope. He runs and sends out his weekly webinar where he will sucker you all back to buy another product that you wont use, and wont sell a single account or copy of to anyone…If you want ANY information regarding this lemme know if you don’t hear from me its because Frank has banned me from NetBizzz too.

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