A Pinterest board made in your honour.

Hey, to everyone that follows this blog and my journey to reclaim my happiness, PLEASE FORGIVE me and this post if it seems a little, reckless or raw. But when people have gone out of their way to rip your heart out and use children as pawns for their own selfish reasons, it changes you. It makes me feel like lashing out and holding my own court imposed ruling. So i apologize if this post turns anyone off or feels the need to unfollow me. I understand but sometimes you gotta do what’s required to set things right. Without further adieu,

“Making a child too scared to speak about someone they love, makes you a piece of shit.”

The second I saw this pin, your arrogant fucking face was all i could see. Instantly my heart began to race…What you are doing to my son is horrible and your about to get a taste of your own fucked up medicine!

I guess you could equate this to making your child throw away an xbox one his father bought for him, just to replace it with one that YOU bought, so nothing his father gave him was in your house. Like how petty and small are you. In the past 1000 days i have tried to reason with you. even though I dont have to prove shit to you. I have changed. Grown. And during the past 4 years of my own personal transformation, which should be a time to celebrate and recognize person achievement, it has been one of growing despair and loss. On a scale you cant even imagine. It pained my heart to know that when my oldest son passed away last October, that YOU couldnt even come down off your high horse just to share your condolences. Like i did for you when you lost a child a few years before. But to think you can FORCE my son to call your bf DAD, well that just makes you a mentally fucked up and arrogant piece of shit the world doesnt want or need!!

But this message outlines it perfectly. It makes YOU a piece of shit and one of the lowest people on the face of the earth.

Upon learning that you have mentally tormented my son, whenever he speaks of me or mentions my name has drastically shifted my efforts to make YOU accountable for the selfish bitch mentally you have FORCED upon your other kids and MY SON to feed your fucked up need to live your fantasy life where everyone kisses your ass and is afraid to speak their mind.

To make your children feel afraid to be themselves and voice their own opinions out of fear that you will rip them a new mind and soul and degrade them until they agree or feel they HAVE TO see it your way or be isolated within their own family is disgusting and you will pay for all the shit you have deliberately done to withhold my son from me with NO COURT IMPOSED order, with NO LIMITING ACTIONS from any agency or government branch.

After all I did for you even before our son was born. After all my family did to help you, countless times. And just because i couldnt be with you because your attitude and outright disrespect for anyone who DOESNT FOLLOW YOUR LEAD and WHIM was embarrassing and I hated who I was being with YOU! My son WILL be allowed to laugh, play, grow and be who he wants to be!! NOT who YOU tell him to be!!

Your unethical and self loathing, ‘ME, ME, ME and more ME’ world is about to come crashing down all around you and when the noise stops and the dust settles, all you will see is me and MY SON walking away….together….happy…and excited to reclaim our bond where we left off. You deserve everything that is about to put you and your perfect self in check for the world and community you live in to see. You always were one to NEED the ATTENTION of everyone, everywhere. Be careful what you wish for. 😉

See ya soon ya selfish fucking bitch!

P.S. To the Other piece of shit people that live on Mill Road in Qualicum Beach, B.C….I know what you did to try and silence this blog and my march towards bringing THIS story to the masses and I’m here to tell you, YOU FAILED! Everything is about to start all over again, from the very beginning. You recently told someone we both know that “You didn’t want to fight anymore”….Well guess what? 😉 LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Soon you realize the cost of railroading someone you didn’t even know life to quench your need to control people and lives you had no business sticking your fake fucking noses in! I can’t wait to see your fucking face when try to understand how the fuck you got here!! Look in your local newspaper circulation over the next cpl of days. 🙂 Your Welcome.

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