Affiliate Summer Links & Loser’s

What’s up Everyone! Did you have an awesome summer? Everyone stayed as safe as could be expected and stayed outta jail? Hopefully. 😉 Good.

This summer for me was much like the previous 4. No ground was made and my boys still remain unseen. Why? I am pretty much convinced that Justice does NOT exist here in Canada. How can it? When people who don’t even know you, are able to sway provincial and federal courts that takes away your children. And then when circumstances that dont even concern you arise, just give away your children like they were returning a random item to a store. That’s what the horrible blood grandparents of my little boy have done. They lied to the courts, stole my son, took him back to B.C. , then when their daughter and them got in a tiff, decided to ship her back to Alberta, then less than a week later GAVE MY SON AWAY!

Now I ask you, Is that Justice?? Is this the state of the system that is here to preserve our way of life? Interesting. But like most things in this f#%@’d up world, very few important issues are fair. But this is not over. Not by a long shot. In fact, very soon those P.O.S. grandparents from Mill Rd. in Qualicum Beach, B.C. will have their lives disrupted, dismantled and judged. Then and only then will some justice be served. As for my little boy James, I wish i could tell you that some day soon, he and I will finally have the relationship and bond we should have always had, but honestly I don’t believe I will ever see him. And that breaks my heart to very core. I was never in trouble with Family & Social Services so why was this able to happen?? Ug!!!

I will have my day and justice will be served….However it NEEDS to happen.

Which brings up another injustice. In the Industry I have come to love and be so engulfed in with a thirst for knowledge and a relentless drive to be involved with everything, a well known marketer whose products I have bought and used for nearly 4 years showed his true colors the morning of August 8,2019. I had picked up a Video product that is ‘completely cloud-based software. It helps you market your video with great features within it like adding action video calls, incentives, coupons, etc. It allows you to store all video-related data.’ I’m sure those in my industry will figure out what this product is and WHO developed it. Anyway, I also bought Agency Access. So, when i unzipped it and took a look inside, it brought up questions that any marketer would have. The following are the exact email exchanges between myself and this ‘MadDog’ marketer/developer…………

Hi (marketer/developer),

Just a cpl quick questions. I just got V____ Agency and was curious as to what it includes as far as my account. It says I have a free account but how is that possible with Agency access? 

Second, I was looking into my other accounts I have with your software and came across the ‘Auto-Webinar’ status. When will an updated version be released? I also have ‘Auto-Webinar Pro.’ A discounted price to re-purchase it seems a little..unfair i guess but it is what it is. 

I have alot of your stuff actually.  My _____, Super _____, I_____V____P_____ just to name a few. Approx 2 months ago I submitted a ticket in regards to why I am having massive troubles getting My______ account set-up properly. I have tried every SMTP setting across both private and free email services and for whatever reason my MY_____ account just will not accept my settings. Anyway that support ticket was never answered and I sit with my account unused and unanswered.  

I am not trying to cause waves or wanting anything refunded, I simply would like to be able to use my software and upgraded accounts as they were advertised and intended to be used.Anyway thanks for all you do and I am looking forward to a continued working relationship for years to come.

Kind Regards,

Robin Lauscher

He replied swiftly and directly with this…………………

B (Support)Aug 6, 17:00 EEST

“It says I have a free account but how is that possible with Agency access?”

I dont understand this question.

“When will an updated version be released? I also have ‘Auto-Webinar Pro’. A discounted price to re-purchase it seems a little..unfair i guess but it is what it is.”

It is unfair? Ok no problem give me the 2 years back that I kept Autonars up and running (before the YouTube changes that where beyond my control) and I will give you the new version
totally free.

What is ‘unfair’ is you to expect me to work for free.

‘Big Bad Marketer/Developer’

Hmmm. Now let me ask you guys? Did I say anything about wanting him to work for free?? Doesn’t the fact that I’ve bought every product you’ve launched the past 4 years say that I DON’T EXPECT YOU TO WORK FOR FREE? Anyway, by this time I was fired right up! I couldn’t help it. I mean all i wanted was some clarification as to what the account entitled me to do or not do. Simple enough. So I fired right back with this……..

Wow! A simple explanation for the ‘Auto-Webinar software’ issue would have sufficed. And I am just unclear as to what having Agency access entitles me to do with V______ as far as personal use. Have I some how offended you or been on your bad side??? If so let me know. And STILL my My_______ query goes unanswered.
And I dont expect you to work for free. I was very clear about that and the fact Ive bought nearly every product of yours in the past 3 years shows i dont expect you to work for free. No thanks for being a loyal customer , no nothing. Just attitude and a big ‘Too bad!’ basically.

Then if its all the same to you and helping me with a simple explanation to my purchases is too much for you to answer then refund me the V____ AGENCY and Ill figure out the rest of my issues myself…..and if my questions are just asking too much then remove me from your mailing list as well. I didnt think my support ticket was at all rude or asking you to work for free. Obviously my questions or need for support aren’t worthy enough for a decent and supportive reply, in which case there’s not much sense staying is there???

Wow! Thanks for the help ‘Big Bad Marketer/developer’!

And to finalize his position as the almighty product developer who doesn’t need or care about his customer’s needs or support questions, he vollies with this reply………

Aug 7, 00:40 EST
If you want to ensure you dont get one of your questions missed dont ask 3 unrelated questions in the same paragraph, I mean really you send 1 ticket and start 3 different conversations in it and 
then bitch like a self centered ass because you didn’t get a good enough answer.

I have refunded your V____ agency purchase and blacklisted you from future purchases from me. Also any bonuses I offer in the future will not apply to you as well.
Future emails from you to this support desk will be deleted unread.


And there you have it. Was this a just result? Did I deserve to be blacklisted and have bonuses no longer apply to me because I simply asked for clarification on the issues affecting my account? But this isnt even where it ended. Other products I bought of his, previous to this situation NO LONGER work or my account has been deleted. Now how in the F#@!# is that justice?? How is this situation fair?? Was it my fault someone shit in his cornflakes that morning?? Nope. And excuse me for asking 3 separate product questions but how do you want it!?!? Either you get in shit for submitting too many support tickets …..OR….. You don’t get a decent reply because you asked too many on 1 support ticket?? Was MY ticket too much to handle or was there something you didn’t understand?? BITCH!

You call me a self centered ass because I didnt get ANY answers to ANY of my questions, yet who took the ‘easy’ way out by blacklisting me and then like a snake, cut off all the other products I previously bought from you?

Call me old fashion, but if I ever get the displeasure of ever coming face to face with you……Well, I guess we will leave that for when and if the time comes. But for everyone else, if you finally ascend up the success mountain and your life dramatically improves in every area it could possibly be improved in, don’t forget the people who helped you get their and make sure you provide DECENT and HELPFUL SUPPORT to your customers. After all, YOU were once one of them, and without them you wouldn’t be where you are now!

Don’t Ever Quit, and Fight for What’s Right!

Robin L.

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