Affiliate Marketing-The More You Learn, The Darker It Gets

Affiliate Marketing-The More You Learn, The Darker It Gets, may seem…….aggressive.

But is it?

I don’t know about you, but for me this is ‘How It Is & How It Goes’.

My journey has been….well….scattered. Since day 1, 4+ yrs ago, I was hooked. The various systems, platforms & services were and still are like little gifts. That everyday when I login, I get to open it up, take a look inside and see what new traffic source I can leverage or opportunity I can make some money with. And when they say ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ that’s exactly how it is. I learn something new every single day. The possibilities are endless. And those that focus on 1 thing, usually end up making a pile of dough. These possible financial windfalls are for whoever can figure out the best way to place, and then convert their offer. Anyone can try, anyone can profit. But very few actually do. Why?

This is how its been for me. Without naming certain vendors or products, I have at least 5 products which I also bought the O.T.O.3 at the very end of the funnel. Usually it is a Coaching offer or a 100% Done For You offer. You know the ones, the ‘We will build your funnel, give you the email follow up series, and all you have to do is sit back, put your feet up, and watch the commissions flood your PayPal account. Of the $97 private coaching offers that i bought, one was a poorly thrown together private Q & A, where the 30 or so other people who bought it all started asking their questions and in the 90 min session that was given for this ‘private coaching’, only 3 questions were addressed and most of the panel left with no resolution to their issue. The option was given to email the vendor and he would reply to you within 24 hrs. I submitted mine 20 mins later. It has been almost 2 years and still no reply. As far as the ‘Done For You’ sit back and relax and wake up to an endless row of payment notifications on your phone, do I even have to say?

So, what’s my point and how does that make Affiliate Marketing-The More You Learn The Darker It Gets?

It is this way because the bigger you are, and the more you know, enables anyone to be LESS ACCOUNTABLE.

I have 4 totally awesome software that range from getting endless streams of targeted traffic to auto sign up’s & bonus builders that come together so fast your head will spin.


I cannot fully utilize these tools and software because my account has not been upgraded to the PRO or Elite status. And support for these software and tools just redirects to a Messenger Bot who asks how he can help you, followed by a ‘We will get back to you asap’. I have been sending this support tickets for nearly a year and still no answer. Another mega high profile email marketer has been charging me every month for the past 3 years, for a program I must have opted into when i first started. I just found out about that 2 months ago and when i tried to contact support for money back, all i was given was a list of sub domain support links to each individual branch of this massive company. I even tried to find in my recurring payments inside PayPal and I cant find it. But like clockwork, every month on the 16th, a $17 payment is taken. Nobody cares, nobody gives a shit if you didn’t mean to optin to a program or offer.

Those who do NOT want to be contacted by lowly and non earning affiliates, have the know-how and the skills to be ‘Unreachable’. Very few companies online even show ‘Good Will towards their fellow man’. And by few, i mean a handful. Maybe. Last fall I lost my oldest son. I cannot begin to explain what that horrible event does to a parent. I won’t tell you about that but the night before he passed, I had to pay $130 USD just to have a phone call with a massive E-Commerce person. But suddenly the little bit of extra money I had to invest, was suddenly not nearly enough money that i needed for my sons final arrangements. (Sadly, I am not a super affiliate so I was not prepared for this). I asked for the immediate refund of my money as now I would not be investing in this program. To me, on that very day, I needed that money back. Do you think that company gave 2 shit’s about my problem? Nope. 20 days later I finally got it back.

So in my opinion, anyone either already here, or thinking of starting your own online business, just be prepared to dig in and get ready for alot of failures, and misrepresentation and support and billing issues that will never get resolved. Not all, but some. We are all here to make money, ethically of course. So if you are already making some money online and you are comfortable and things are going well, help someone out…..for nothing in return. Just try it. I’m not saying for everyone , all the time. Just help some ‘random’ one. I think if a little more ‘Good Will’ was shown in I.M. then maybe there would be a few more happy and non-struggling people.


CHECK YOUR MESSAGES AND GET BACK TO ME!!! After all, I just wanna use and showcase YOUR KICK ASS SOFTWARE!!!

This piece is for all of you still struggling to make that online money. Keep going. You’ll get there. For now, Click the underlined words, and download the free report on  100 Fast List Building Technique’s & Methods


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