Parental Alienation IS the Ultimate hate crime against children.

The Fight to see my children continue’s,

Hello everyone. I am sorry it has been so very long since i last posted but will diligently be back on track beginning this week.

Update, to the best of my knowledge, my little boy James who was taken and then given away, has been adopted and it has been finalized by the provincial courts. News of this came just last week and I cannot begin to explain just how heart breaking this is. I wrote the highest levels of government, M.L.A.’s and anyone else who might be able to help me and this is what I have found.

ANYONE with enough money can destroy lives, manipulate the courts and basically get away with murder! Until this situation happened to me I had always thought of Canada as a just and civil and fair court system and process. When actually the exact opposite is true. There is NO JUSTICE or EQUAL RIGHTS in ANY courts here in Canada. Justice ONLY conforms to those who can afford to attain it! LEGAL AID SOCIETY of ALBERTA, who do they help?? They help the easy cases or the ones they know are getting jail time already. They just help soften the blow, at best! As well as Pro-Bono lawyers. Where are they all? Who do they help?? I see their posts and advertisements scattered about the web but they are as helpful and as common as black winged unicorns. Mythical but can spin a great story. But fear not, all this does is accelerate my offensive legal assault on the people responsible for altering my life and the lives of my children for their own sick gain. To the people on Mill Road in Qualicum Beach, B.C………..I am coming for justice and you will atone and be held accountable for every fucking thing you have stolen from me and James!

And now for my little boy in Lethbridge who on June 4, turned 11 years old.

11.  It has been 1090 Days 17 Hours 0 Minutes 4 Seconds since I last saw my little man. But………I KNOW I will see you very soon. And then we can get back to where we were before your mother took your happiness and decided you were not to have it or me in your life. Her hand will be forced very very soon. The article below has been re written but was originally posted by Linda Turner.

When Parental Alienation Goes Across into the Offender Jurisdiction

Crown court– relevance of adult alienation

Parental alienation is not constrained to family members instances. It can as well as does function in criminal situations, where allegations are made, by an alienating moms and dad, versus a backdrop of an extended, significant and also acrimonious relationship between parents following separation/divorce.

When standing for a moms and dad in a criminal court I stress to my customers the requirement for all appropriate realities to be before the jury, equally as they need to be before a household court. This will certainly call for a complete factor to consider of what could make up pertinent proof combined with a detailed ask for disclosure from the prosecution. This is so that the jury can appropriately comprehend and also review the household background which may have led to the allegations versus the defendant.

However and also really commonly, I find myself representing a moms and dad who did not think, first, that it was required to be stood for at the police headquarters therefore participated in without being gone along with by a lawyer. Just like any kind of criminal situation, the lack of lawful representation at the police headquarters can frequently create a client considerable difficulty by the time it reaches trial. This can arise for a variety of reasons but most frequently in these types of situations since the parent frequents shock and distress when doubted by the cops because allegations of this nature are deeply stressful and typically historical. The moms and dad may then state something, innocently, that is either not exact or subsequently contradictory of another thing he or she might say. This can commonly ultimately include weight to the prosecution’s case when looking for to recommend to the court that the parent or his or her account is not qualified. Another threat of the client participating in the police station alone is that cops procedures as well as conduct might not be effectively applied and, as such, the client is prejudiced. Without recognizing the guidelines as well as treatments, the customer will not understand when or how to whine.

Cross-examining youngsters as well as youths, whether in the family members court or the criminal court, is never very easy. They are at risk and also in all times call for level of sensitivity as well as need systems in position [called “special steps”] which facilitates them offering proof. Nonetheless, with skilled and skilled cross-examination, any type of unreliability in their evidence can typically be deciphered.

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