Family Justice in Canada? Ya right!

Family Justice in Canada is a myth! You might ask yourself, “How would you know?”.

I’ll tell you.

Anyone following this blog will know what I refer to. It refer’s to my son, James David Hodgson. Born November 19, 2016. I have never been able to hold or love my son, I only know him from short video messaging conversations and pictures.

He was stolen from his mother and I for one selfish reason. That reason lives on 515 Mill Road. In Qualicum Beach, B.C. The residence of Lez(Leslie) & Deb(Debra) Hodgson. The defining reason all of this is taking place, simply because I drove out to the west coast in fall of 2016 to visit my friend and chose to stay in a hotel(On MY vacation and MY god given right) instead of staying at their home so they could ‘control’ the situation.

As Stupid and petty as that sounds, that IS the reason why. Fast forward to today, we have tried every avenue of help to correct this serious misallocation of justice but no agency, no government assisted help, no police and no legal council will help us in our fight.

Instead, we are bounced from one phone number to another, one community outreach program to another, each one neither helping nor directing our fight in any way. The saddest part, if we were from another country seeking asylum or shelter for our political views THEN we would qualify for assistance. But because we are from Canada, we don’t qualify for SHIT!!

This country has fallen apart. We no longer have the comfort or security of knowing that “This land is OUR LAND”, because it is NOT! It belongs to others that came here from other places and other religions.Justice on any level belongs to others but not to those born and raised here in Canada. For if you are FROM CANADA, you qualify for NOTHING!! All these social outreach programs are a farce and a facade! Everything from the Rotary Club to the Salvation Army offer NOTHING to those who actually need it! See if im joking, I implore you to! Go to the Salvation Army of Canada website and just try to find where ANYONE can receive help. Not give a donation or volunteer but APPLY & RECEIVE HELP! It doesn’t exist. They must hand out or email a secret web link to receive their help. I have tried in vain to reach out but it has gotten me nowhere only leading right back to the same ‘Contact Us’ message box. Does anyone answer? Sure. What do they say? Refer back to the message box. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!

Legal council, so busy counting their fat wallets from other cases, could care less that someone stole your child. All they care about, “Absolutely! We would be happy to help you, but first we are gonna need $3500 to retain our services” PFFFTT!! Who the FUCK has $3500 just laying around? Especially if your from Alberta, and have already put yourself and your family in financial ruin caring after someone else’s adult child they forcefully sent back to you to begin with!!

Listen, I know this story may be hard to follow. Believe me, it has been even harder trying to explain this fucked up situation that has brought so many hardships. Both mentally and financially. In a year when I lost my oldest son while he slept in a hotel at work. Who offers any relief to those affected by the malicious actions of others only brought forward to purposely inflict emotional pain. Regardless of indisputable proof, a call to a local R.C.M.P. detachment yielded only one answer. Its a CIVIL MATTER. Are you fucking kidding me?? Last I checked, (which was this morning) says anyone purposely taking action against another to purposely inflict emotional pain or injury is MALICIOUS INTENT. Which IS a FEDERAL CRIME!! Go Figure. I bet if me or my family had made a sizeable donation to expand a local detachment wing, I would get the attention or be able to file a complaint or have solid grounds to issue an arrest to the piece of shit vile people on 515 Mill Road. But……..Nothing comes of it. I fear my son beyond my reach now as too much time has expired. But not from lack of trying. But when Justice In Canada is defined by how much our wallets hold, then that in itself is a serious, serious problem!

But you mark my words, this fight is not over!! Not by a long shot!! I know why you coward, vile human’s don’t take action against me. And so does everyone else. And so be it!! I’m bringing the fight to your front door asshole!! Just you fucking wait! You fucked with the wrong one! At the wrong time and you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for your selfish actions!!

For James, Ryder and in memory of my late son Joshua.

Forever Love,

Your father, Robin.

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