No Words could ever describe, or Bring Back.

Hello Everyone,

It is with a deep regret to let you guys know that on the morning of October 18, 2018, I received the worst news any parent never wants to receive. My Oldest and first born child Josh, passed away in his sleep at the young age of 27 years old.It has been a extremely tough and emotional time for my other children and myself and countless others. This horrible and inexplicable event has opened my eyes even wider and an ache in my heart that never goes away. As a parent your ability to help, save, love, rescue, hug, laugh and live with and around your child ceases to exist and their is nothing you can do to help them. And it is a feeling that resides inside of me everyday. I am changed from his passing. But it has further ignited a direct and focused goal. TO reclaim my son James and Ryder.

Josh + Nixon + Kat

I have contemplated over the past weeks whether to continue this blog or not. And not because it hasn’t made me any money or because It doesnt have 10,000 subscribers (but that’s ok because the one’s I do have, I wouldn’t trade or give any of them up for anything) but because it hasn’t done what I had hoped it would do.

To correct ALL the wrong’s and find my little boy James and bring him home. Instead, scared over what I revealed in previous posts, Lez & Deb Hodgson of Qualicum Beach, B.C. filed an injunction so that this blog, and the contents within, could NOT be used in court. If you have followed this story you know these people are vile, and unethical human beings whose greatest joy in life is to manipulate their adopted children and boost their social status amongst those who can even stand or be counted as a true friend. Although I know as fact they do not have many…friends…family who even speak to them.

Yet, as I sit here, I count the stack of countless emails to the highest levels of our Justice system and the Family & Social Services platforms and still with no answer and not 1 step closer to James. It appears nobody really cares about true Justice and the right to be HEARD! As it seems, just like O.J, if your wallet is deep enough, you can steal someone’s child, twice, and then when things don’t go your way just give that same child away.

This is NOT over! I know you read this, I hope you realize it will never be over until everything you have done, you atone for.

By the way, you have damaged your daughter so much she nearly………Ah, what do you care? You don’t.

For all the rest of good, and loving people of the world and who reads and follows this blog. If you have a child, wherever you are right now, STOP!!!! And give your child the biggest hug you have ever given them. They are YOURS!! Cherish them!! Love them!! And every once in a while, let em stay up late and eat cotton candy with them for breakfast, Just once. They will remember it and that moment forever!!

Thank you for reading this very special post.

For Josh,
Your Daddy LOVES YOU!! I will see you later.

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