Immoral Damage Control

Hello my valued followers,

Well most of you anyway. I say that because I know the scumbags on Mill rd follow this blog as well as their harem of litigators. So despite what I have been advised to not do, I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway.

Initially this blog was to be about my journey in I.M. and my unwavering and focused drive to attain success in my online business. But it has taken a different course as I am trying to reclaim my son who I have never held or given the chance to play with, bond with and watch him develop. But whom I love very much and will not stop in my quest to right the countless wrong’s  done against his mom, myself and my son. Who was taken from his mother and I not once but twice in 18 months by his p.o.s. grandmother. Who used my son as a pawn to try and control her daughter, me , and every situation and step of our lives which she had no right or say in.

This is where we stand now.

Let me ask all of you. Knowing what we know to this point, WHY would someone file an injunction against this blog? Sure it walks the legal line of what could and should be disclosed but I don’t care. You have gone through every length possible to block me, discredit me and still I am moving closer and closer to reclaiming my son. THEY (L & D Hodgson) filed an injunction of some type. I can’t make out what it is exactly but i’m guessing it is stopping this blog and it’s content from being used in court.

Why would they do that if they have done nothing wrong?  That’s just it. They did this as a means of ‘Damage Control’. They have even gone so far as to claim this blog is full of lies. LMFAO.

IS THAT SO? Ok then. LET’S ALL PUT OUR CARDS AND FACTS ON THE TABLE AND LET’S SETTLE UP IN A TRIBUNAL!! PUT YOUR DEMENTED AND TWISTED VERSION OF THE FACTS OUT THERE AND LET”S SEE WHO COMES OUT AHEAD AND VINDICATED!! You couldn’t wait to put Melissa on a plane so you could throw away OUR SON! A week after you forced her to leave her son for the second time you threw our son away like he was nothing!!!

I have EVERY DOCUMENT AND EMAIL and SMS message going all the way back to 2016 when I had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting your ugly ass’es. You are vile people who played the system and agencies into believing you are loving, supportive and moral people. When the truth is quite the opposite! And I have so much proof of this it will make your head spin!! Just you wait! DO you really think you can fuck with people’s lives and use children as leverage in your sick need to control people?! And then use OUR SON to attain control after it was YOU who lied to have him taken in the first place!! If I could go back to that day in court when then judge called me and asked me if I knew what I was doing in giving my rights to you, I WOULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE SAID NO!! I wanted to. So bad. But I wanted Melissa and James to be together and reunited like it should have been if not for you!! Doesn’t matter but it soon will. You can block and close every door in your scared attempts to ‘cover up’ what you’ve done but it won’t help either one of you. Do you know why?


So I hope you read this tonite and the words within engrave and embed every waking and sleeping thought. I hope you never have a good sleep from this day forth. Just know that your time to explain your actions are coming very soon.

Here’s what kind of person D.Hodgson is. Keep in mind she hasn’t spoken one word to her daughter Melissa since mid january. Out of the blue Melissa gets a text message from her mom.

D.Hodgson: Are you still with Robin ?
Melissa: No and i am struggling and I want my son. 
D.Hodgson: He says you are together on his blog.
Melissa: I don’t know why he writes what he writes, and why the sudden interest in Robin, I am struggling and alone, I haven’t heard from you since you kicked me out, I was on the island in April to find out my son was gone.  And I am struggling and alone and heartbroken.
Melissa: Wow is that all you’re going to say to me after all this time?? You contact me after so long ask about Robin and not say how my kids are and that’s it??
D.Hodgson: I am not talking as I know this is not Melissa texting. (though it WAS Melissa)
Melissa: Call me and talk to me
D.Hodgson: Are you working ?
Melissa: I have been trying, I have been trying to find out where my son is . I am in a big city no bus pass and no address just makes it impossible.  My focus has been on getting my life and my son.  Emotionally I’m exhausted and heartbroken
I have messaged dad recurving nothing back since early February and I’m not sure what happened but I miss my Sophie and James and I’ve been unable to get peace with no idea where I can get any info on anything.
Are these the words of a loving and compassionate mother who hasn’t spoken to her daughter in nearly 6 months?
Their ONLY concern is ME. When it has been ME and MY FAMILY who unconditionally accepted and have been supporting Melissa. Now and from late 2016 right through till Sept.2017 when she was reunited with James. Just to be ripped from her son for the second time for NO REASON other than being unable to control and manipulate their daughter and the situation.
To D.Hodgson: You think you know me. You speak about keeping the kids ‘safe’ You have no idea who or what I am. I AM COMING FOR MY SON YOU SICK BITCH!! Everything you and your pussy hubby have ever done and LIED about will be disclosed and the community you live in and people you know will finally see you for the twisted, sick and methodical people you are! Loving, unconditional, compassionate and family bond are conditions and elements YOU do NOT possess.
YOUR family is built on LIES and hidden truths and secrets you wish to keep locked away…
YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG ONE!! Soon you and L. H. won’t have any choice either. Like the choices or decisions I never made but was made out to be a unworthy and unwilling person who couldnt care for my son. You have cost me so much, just wait till everything comes into the light..Then we’ll see who has been ‘unethical’ and ‘abusive’.
Good Luck!!
And to my son Ryder,
I am coming soon my boy. I love you very much and my heart aches to reclaim our bond and happiness. I will make up for lost time and will never lose touch with you again. I love you very much!!   Image below: Mom & James reunited and 2 months before L & D. H planned to seperate them and thrown our son away!!

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