What’s your ‘Why’?

First off I want to thank all of you who have read my blog/story thus far. Your comments and interest have kept me going when so many times over the past few months I was ready to give up and go back to a life where people accepted me more as an addict than as an entrepreneur and loving father. So again, from the deepest and most genuine places of my heart, Thank You.

To bring you up to speed, It has come to my attention that the monster’s on Mill Road, in Qualicum Beach,British Columbia, have read my last few posts. 🙂

“To Both of You P.O.S. scumbags,

This is NOTHING compared to what is coming. I have reached out to those whose voices trump yours by far and have the resources and the means to correct this unethical and serious misallocation of morals and justice to bring MY son home to ME!!” (You really shouldn’t have LIED in the affidavit given on July 19,2017)   But ironically, I am glad you. Soon, you’ll know why.

To my other littlest man who I crave to see. I miss you sooo very much it hurts and I am coming Ryder Lauscher (Napesis). I am coming soon!

This blog will take a new shape and direction. For those who don’t know, I have been trying to build an online business/lifestyle for the better part of 2 years. With limited and scattered success.I have passionately given everything I have into this. For those in the home based business/Online business Opportunity niche’, you know that until or if you ever have your breakthrough, that it is extremely difficult to explain to others what exactly it is that your trying to accomplish. Or explain where all your money goes and why the credit card is always maxed. In an Industry I never in a million years would have thought I ever would have been a part of or picked for myself, it is one that has changed me.

I literally learn something new every single day. To those who have personally been a part of my development I thank you. But to all of you shady, cheating and misleading business’s and marketer’s, I’m coming for you.

Who remember’s Michael/Nigel Beeson?  The G.I.M. Guaranteed Email Sending System. The scumbag marketer who robbed and stole from so many people over the past few years, including myself. Well,guess what.He is BACK. And even worse, he has revamped the exact same program, only slapping a new name and a fresh coat of paint on it. But rest assured, it’s him. I have tried to directly reach him through email and phone but have been unable to get any response from him. I have even tried to reach the good folks over at ClickBetter.com who allow him to sell his shit program. Or the blind and uncaring person’s at MyInboxPro.com who also play an intrical part of this scam system. For those of you who have been ripped off, email these companies and let them know your dismay. I have. To take a further look go here, Just don’t BUY it. You’ll NEVER get paid.


So from now on i’ll be posting the Best of the Best, and the Worst of the Worst in the Affiliate Marketing and Home Based Business niche’. It’ll be raw, and straight up, to the point and 100% no bullshit assessment of what works and what doesn’t. I encourage ALL marketer’s and Biz-Op people and business’ to leave your comments and affiliate links and look forward to developing this blog and my business for years to come.

I gotta stop here. I could write endlessly here. And will continue to do so more consistently.

Never give up!! You breakthrough is just around the corner!!


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