The Phone Conversation that will ultimately be their demise, and give me my son

L.H.. “What do you want?”

Me.”Um, well I’m wondering on what’s going on with me getting to the Island to see M and baby”

L.H. & D.H. laughing “What are you talking about? There is NO plan for you to come to the Island. You are NOT welcome there or in our home.”

Me. “M has been telling me that to ensure baby gets to know me and meet me which is what was stated in court that day was to eventually be with MY boy! The only reason I allowed you to leave with him was for HIM and M. Not for you! I thought it was the best way to reunite baby with his mother after you stabbed her in the back and had her baby taken from her 2 days after he was born!”

D.H.( L.H.’s wife and the real person who wears the pants in that house)”i don’t think M would make that plan with you. She is NOT ALLOWED to speak with you. That was our agreement to bring her baby and her home.”

Me.” You dont have the authority to tell her who she can and can’t speak with! I gave her a voice and treated her with more dignity and respect than you ever have!! You had her baby taken from her out of SPITE and to be mean! We have an email where you state those exact reasons for doing so!  I am a good and loving father! I have other children and was a great father. Not always but in the past half of my life i am. Babies love me and I love babies.”

D.H., laughing “You are NOT a good father. I had a private investigator do some research on you and you are NOT a good father and I believe you would harm these kids! You are NEVER welcome at our home. I gave you a chance but you chose to take my daughter away in the middle of the night to a hotel.”

By this point rage had set in and I lost my mind and unleashed a verbal assault on her so directed that I gripped the phone a bit too hard and cracked the screen. How dare she call me a bad father. This couple has never known me. They met me once in july 2016 at a breakfast in Red Deer and then only L.H. and I had contact when he conned me into taking a flight from Edmonton to Nanaimo in November 2016 to drive M and her stuff through the mountains in late fall because he just wanted her to be safe as she was 8.5 months into a pregnancy.

Now I’ll show you what this VILE couple has done to directly affect my life in less than 2 years.

: In October 2016 after making a few sales online I decided to travel to Vancouver Island to visit M. Upon arrival in Qualicum Beach, B.C. it was revealed that D.Hodgson wanted me to stay at their home. So she could ‘control’ the situation. She is clinical control freak and manipulator. When I freely chose to stay at a hotel, of my own free choice, I picked up Melissa at 10:15PM. (This was the middle of the night pick up D.H. refers to in the phone conversation) and we went to the hotel. A very nice and expensive one. Qualicum Beach doesn’t have any Windsor’s, or Rest-EZ Inn’s.

:The next day D.H. goes to the extreme of kicking out M because she chose to visit her friend who travelled 1800 kms to see her. Literally, D.H. would NOT allow M to come back home. Even going so far as to pack up ALL the new babies crib and new stuff. All because I came to visit and chose to stay at a hotel.

:November 2016, After coming back to Edmonton from the Island. I get a call from M. She wants to know if I’d be willing to fly out there and drive her back with all her stuff. After the last production i wanted to make sure this was what her parents had arranged. Talks began between L.H.n and I about the flight arrangements and to make sure I could make the flight. He spoke to me like I had never been on a plane or driven a vehicle to an airport before. But for the greater good I followed his plan and he sent me my boarding info and tickets which were downloaded to my phone. His reasons, “I just worry about her travelling through the mountains in late fall being 8.5 months pregnant.”   Well no shit ya dumb ass then why are you making her leave i thought to myself.

:November 12,2016. I fly to Nanaimo from Edmonton Via Calgary. Upon landing L.H. and M are there to pick me up and go immediately to the U-Haul place for a truck. Then to the storage place to pick up M’s belongings. ( Because D.H. was so outraged by me staying a hotel, and kicking out her 8.5 month pregnant daughter that she couldn’t stand the sight of storing her stuff in the garage) We pack up, L.H. shakes my hand, says thanks, hugs his daughter hands her some money and we begin our trip back to Alberta in rented U-Haul Van.

:November 13,2016. We wake up in Hope, B.C. ( I know, ironic right) We drove as far as we could and slept there on day 1. Waking up we check out and go to fill up before hitting the highway. Noticing we were gonna need more money to make it all the way back, I tell M to text her Dad or call him and get him to send her more money. I wasn’t paying for this move. I just finished paying for the last drama filled vacation to the west coast. He asked me to do this for his peace of mind, HE was paying for it.  Or so I thought he was…….You see prior to boarding the Ferry to cross, we went for a cruise to burn time. I thought I noticed L.H.’s white Escalade a few times. Tailing us. ..Odd? I thought. What’s his deal?…..But never gave it a second thought.  After trying to reach him for over an hour he finally texts me back and says”This is what M wanted. We just wanted her OFF the Island”  So basically he USED me to get his daughter off the island even though she hadn’t done anything wrong. And because Mrs.H wears the pants and Mr.H often has to many unethical things to appease his mentally unstable and controlling wife. So basically gave her enough to get off the Island , but not nearly enough to get us in this U-Haul all the way to Alberta. Never the less, I would now have to fund the rest of this journey.

:November 19,2016. After moving my daughter to new place in Edmonton,we travel to Red Deer in a snow storm. Arriving Late. Check into a hotel on Gasoline Alley. Am woken up by M, she is going into labour.  6 hours later baby James is born at Red Deer Regional Hospital.

:November 23,2016. After coming back to our room at Ronald McDonald House In Red Deer, M comes in visibly distraught.  “What’s wrong?’ I ask.  They are taking my baby she says. I said “Who is taking your baby?”  She answers “Social Services”

:M had no file with Social Services at this point. Nobody knew she was here in Alberta even. How would Social Services be involved to this degree right now??………..You guessed it. Her Mother (D.H.) called Social Services and LIED about knowing me and lied about what we were doing. Her reasons, She wanted to hurt M. She did it out of SPITE and just to be MEAN. To be VENGEFUL.  What kind of mother would do that to her own daughter??? Truly.  Regardless of how, it was in place. We would not be leaving R.M.H. with her baby. Her baby WAS TAKEN and placed with a foster mom. Now the real fight for everything would begin.

:February 2017. After making arrangements and driving back and forth between Edmonton and Red Deer so M could see her baby in pre arranged visits through Social Services throughout the winter her unethical parents stick their noses back into her/our lives. M tells her Mother her dismay and utter pain she has caused her. Her mother actually sends her an email where states she acted out of SPITE and to be MEAN. (legal regulations forbid me from posting it, but I still may anyway) So it is decided that THEY(L.H. & D.H.) will apply to get custody of baby James as to correct the rash and hurtful choice they made when having him taken away. M was sold. And even though it would be nice to at least get M back with her baby. So the process began.

:FEBRUARY-SEPTEMBER 5,2017    After multiple meetings and court appearances leading up to September 5,2017 there were many downs. Rare up’s. And actually after starting the process there is a portion where they come into the pending home and see what the home is , family life ,etc, etc. It is a this point when L.H. and D.H. were going to ‘BOW OUT” at a point when it was nearly finished. Again they brought up emotions just to selfishly opt out at the last minute. In a rare moment of compassion they chose to go forward. During this process however, I received and letter and judgment passed from Maintenance Enforcement stating that I owed them $4,225 in back pay for Baby James. Payable to M.  ???? Wait a minute. So your telling me that I owe Maintenance to the woman that My family and I have been already taking care of the past year?? Doesn’t make sense does it.  Here’s how they broke it down. Because someone in SOCIAL SERVICES signed a document FOR ME.(highly illegal and unethical) it basically stated that i refused to speak with them. I never was asked.  So instead they went ahead, used a tax return from 2014( when i was making oilfield money) and had a judge stamp his approval on it. BOOM. Since this process began in March i now owed $4,225. WOW!

I lost my license because i was in start up. For the past year I’ve dedicated all my time and energy and extra funds into my business. And I wasn’t making that much yet. Still aren’t. But have you ever tried contacting these same agencies when there’s a mistake or wrongful order issued? Nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get any one to listen then to make sense of what’s going on. So I been paying on that nearly every month since and got my license back after my fines were paid of course. And people wonder why I’m always broke.

This is just the beginning. I have a webinar soon and need to get ready for that…..The EVIL and DISGUSTING parts of these people are in my next post. Then maybe the community of Qualicum Beach may want to take notice of the couple on Mills Road



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