Baby James Prior to Spet. 2017

Join me Tomorrow as I take back what’s MINE! …Qualicum Beach,B.C., Pure EVIL resides on Mill Rd.

For those you following my blog, you will know of a little boy named James. He is my son. I have never held him, hugged him, played with him or given a chance to love him as I want to. And should be allowed to!

In September 2017 a court hearing took place in Red Deer, Alberta that finally enabled him to be reunited with his mother and her parents. Because of the way James was unethically STOLEN from us(Melissa and myself) the process by which this came to be is complicated to say the least.

Fast forward to January 18, 2018. After struggling for the past 14 months, with rebuilding my life, finances, career and relationships with my children, arrangements were made ,loosely, for me to travel to Vancouver Island and finally meet and hold my little boy for the first time. I was excited to say the least. Even though it would require me to stay at the home of the people who stole my son and have turned my life inside out. During a period in my life where for the first time ever, I was passionate and focused on my children, work and making up for lost time. I am compelled to give back to those who helped me so many times. (Dad(David Lauscher),Mom(Vicki Porter+Barry), Aunty Debbie and a few others)

My journey to the Island was ONLY possible with an agreement made with James’s mom, that her parents would help me get there by splitting the cost of fuel to drive there. (At this point I only had enough money to get half way there and could NOT get there without this agreement in place). January 21, 2018. After not hearing from James’ mother in nearly 36 hours and driving nearly 800 kms towards my son, I started to feel my stomach turn. For these same people have done so much to negatively impact my life in the short 18 months since I came into contact with them, that what I’m about to reveal in the coming few days will make you wonder how people like this can walk amongst the good and caring , loving people of the world seemingly without being exposed for the vile human beings that they are.

January 22, 2018. After running completely out of funds and driving 915 kms west to interior of B.C. i was forced to call James’ grandparents to try and get ahold of James’ mom(M). It was the only option I had. The only option I knew I wouldn’t want. The one phone call i never wanted to make. But to bring me closer to holding my son James for the first time and give him a warm and loving embrace and feel a sense of relief and to give my mind and heart bit of breathing room from heart-ache and loss I have been feeling for a very long time…………Then it’s the option would take time and time again.

I dialed his number. (L. H.) He answered. The conversation that took place would set forth the actions and the ethical fight to bring MY son HOME to ME!!

TO bring you up to speed. I have another boy, Ryder, who I haven’t yet been able to see because of lack of funds and always having to dig myself out of bills and situations incurred directly by the Hodgson family of Qualicum Beach, B.C. Split between building my online business and living expenses and being thrown under the bus by various mediums and Life’s unexpected curve balls. (For those of you who don’t know my only daughter Paige,24, was on life-support in late fall of 2017. I found her clinging to life in her room on October 14,2017. A combination of Phemonia and her condition(type 1 diabetic) nearly took her life in less than 18 hours.

L.H., “Hello?”.

Me, “Um, Is M (James’ Mom) there?”

L.H., “What do YOU want?!”………

Come back in 48 hours when I reveal everything and expose these vile scum bags for who they REALLY are.

I will bring MY SON HOME!!  Sick of being heart broken and sitting on the sidelines. I am a good father and have more love for my children than what I am given credit for. And honestly, I don’t need credit from anyone. Those who know me, KNOW what and who I am. And I deserve to see and freely love MY CHILDREN!!

The people who stand in the way of me seeing my 2 youngest boys are about to have your lives turned upside down. You have no concept of what is about to take place. And everyone who knows you, where you live and work and play will finally see you for what you are!

You F#$^”!”ed with my life and my god given right to love and see my boys! You will atone for every unethical and evil action you took against me. I have everything i need to show the world who you are.

To my youngest boys, RYDER and JAMES. Your daddy loves you very much and I am coming to see you both. XOXOXO

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