Rubbing salt in the wound ..on purpose!

So this morning I wake up and scroll through my emails.  There is one from

Ordinarily, I would be somewhat excited but it didn’t even phase me. This unethical company promised to help me and all they have done was lie to me, dangle the carrot in front of me, and continue to withhold $504.63USD in BTC from me. I paid them three different times to purchase their software. I have yet to receive my refund or anything at all from this website and company. But this morning this email specifically says “The fastest way to reach us is through the chat box. Go there now and someone will help you and a resolution will be met either way”

Wow! I thought.  I’ve never gotten one of these emails before. Maybe today is the day I get my money back. And end this miserable, stressful, and uncomfortable experience with this totally unethical website and company. I log in to a new chat box.  I state my name and email and wait.

To my surprise, someone answers!  Nobody from the chat box has answered since Sept.17,2017, right after they took another payment from me and left me with nothing.

This is the actual transcript of the conversation that took place this morning. Sunday, October 29, 2017,  MST 10:16AM

vidWe’re available now
Hi! How can I help you? wanting to get the software…… hello?    did you pay? yes 3 separate times        Who serve you?    and when did you paid?    nobody ever did ..I’ve never received the software.         oh, that’s bad. Who received your payment I mean which agent who received it?          I’m not sure I just my payments to the BTC given on the site    here  did you contacted the admin    lol yes mANY MANY MANY TIMES   Ok so what do you want now I can refund it and we’re done         yes please i believe i will never get to use it so id really like refund         now the problem is who serve you         I need to know we’re a team so if one does any mistake it’s our team and website        I’m not the boss but I can help you       I don’t know who,  I know David helped me and another girl helped me this has been going on quite some time now almost 3 months  I sent first software payment on Sept.3,2017 0.0414 BTC or $237.14″ fuel” payment at 1:16am       Sept 6. 0.0465 BTC or $205.74sent last payment        Sept 17,2017 0.021265 0r $120.54      I see your account status is on hold that’s maybe why        but why on hold, I have been on hold for 3 months please help me   payment was sent to and received here when the address was 13BNkct2yXUG8mauFgE16jpkYpXSrNDaW6                 hello?                 I’m there don’t worry I’ve been promised a free upgrade for the mix-up and many others things but never helped       You’re  the first person to talk to me on chat since Sept.20    you’re account is on hold so I must see with the team but why is it on hold?         that’s fine just refund me then you guys cant keep my money you have been holding my money FROM me….this is highly it not?…please lets finish this ..i have been so stressed out about this I did not mean YOU are holding my money, I meant FX     I’m only here because I received a link telling me to get ahold of FX here     don’t once I set this you’ll be able to choose refund or software   thank you for your patience       I choose refund please. do you still have my BTC address on file?1BmV195whfN4wk1DDm4EhZVPbHzf7iZsL8      Hello are you still with me?    O no…please…stay with me…please!! this is the most progress i have made in such a long time…PLEASE! come back ..This is real and I NEED my money back, please! I don’t really see myself ever getting the software here..for reasons unknown!! I have done nothing but trust this site and this is what I have received …nothing.
I shouldn’t have to beg to get MY money back! This is wrong! Please come back.
I was TOLD to come here and that someone would help me get this straightened out!! Let’s finish this PLEASE!!
This is so WRONG. Why are you doing this to me? WHY??? What have i done to deserve this stress and anguish? Please ..just refund me MY MONEY BACK
wow..are you really going to abandon me too? You said you were going to help me…don’t be another chat support person to outright lie to me….please just come back lets talk this through
i am once again brought to the edge of my seat , anticipating a final resolve to this painful and unethical transaction and yet AGAIN left in the chat box to wonder and have my entire day once again ruined because i am not rich..MY money YOU are KEEPING FROM ME can help me in other ways ! Where is your heart? where is your compassion? Even though it shouldn’t require that because I PAID YOU IN FULL!!! YOU HAVE MY MONEY AND AS A CUSTOMER I WANT IT BACK!!!
please come back ….WHY are you doing this to me!!!!! YOU HAVE MY MONEY and YOU CANNOT KEEP IT!!!!! I was told to come here via email and was told someone would help me so HELP ME!!!!
I’m sitting here all day and nite if I have to…you owe me money…I want it back. I shouldn’t have to BEG for my MONEY back…This is so WRONG!!  ….hello?


Now you tell me,  Is this right or even slightly justified? I have done nothing to this company or website except wanting what I paid for, Or, my money refunded back!  Sure over the past 3 months I have left nasty messages to Brian Lam and the support team at But I have earned the right to be upset! They stole my money, and won’t give it back, But this. This is a whole new low for a company with a reputation to protect.

If you would like to voice your opinion, please leave a comment. Or if you want to tell them your opinion., please write them. They oddly have 2 addresses and unfortunately NO phone. Hmmmm…….anyway these are the addresses they have:

100 N Sepulveda Blvd #1900El Segundo, CA 90245


500 Terry Francois Street, San Fransisco. CA 94158          Att: Brian Lam



As always thank you for reading my post.



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