Please, Lord, Don’t take my daughter.

I don’t really know what to say to how to say it. The fear every parent has whether or not our child has a handicap or condition remains the same and shared amongst every parent. We instill good values and morals and guide them the best we can. But ultimately our children will live their own lives and regardless if we approve or not, we remain there for them when they need us and even when they don’t. I am lucky with my daughter Paige. She’s a good girl. Finished school. Doesn’t get in trouble. Is still unsure of what she wants to do with herself but she’ll figure it out. She’s smart and funny and articulate and good things are gonna happen for her down the road. I know it.

Six years ago she woke up in a hospital in northeastern Alberta seemingly unaware of why she was there. It was then disclosed to her that she was diabetic. And not just diabetic, but type 1.  From the hop, she wasn’t happy about it. But then again who is. She would adapt. And she did. Over the past six years, she’s had a few bumps in the road. But in the past 2 months, she had been to the hospital 3x. Twice by ambulance. But as my phone rang on the morning of October 12,2017, everything would change.

Before I even turned the handle of her bedroom door I noticed a very cold draft coming from under her door. Like extremely cold. On the day here in our city, the morning temp was -6C. I knock a couple times, no answer. I open the door and there my little girl half on half off her bed with her arms positioned in an odd way. Besides that, I instantly noticed her color and still movement. I grab her and pull her up onto the bed and immediately call 911. I administer c.p.r. and waited for medics to arrive. It seemed to me that they took a long time but it wasn’t. On the way to the hospital, her heart failed. They got her back but then it failed again later that day.

Currently, she is in I.C.U. being tended to and cared for by some of the best doctors and nurses in the world. She clings to life by a thread on life support. And I am helpless to help her, to change her odds, to give her strength. To give her anything. We can only pray and hope that she keeps fighting and doesn’t give up because I don’t want to give my child to God. I don’t ever want to. It’s supposed to go in order. Isn’t it? Shouldn’t it? So even if you don’t know Paige, Please keep her in your prayers. She’s one of the good ones. You would like her. You really would. Thank you for reading this post. Please do NOT share to Facebook or Instagram.

Many Thanks to the Doctors and Staff at Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton, AB, Canada

For my little girl,



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