Desperate Times

Why do we sometimes put ourselves at risk to help others?

Surely i’m not the only one who has gone out of their way to help someone, only to have that very same person throw you under the bus or incur more costs often leaving you worse off than if you hadn’t helped them at all. Why is the world that way? I myself see the world as a very ugly and unsafe place to be. When i grew up there was a certain sense of respect and people were less afraid to live. To go and knock on a neighbours door. To allow their children to venture off on their own ,seeking whatever adventures and childhood trouble they could get in to.

Surely, i can’t be the only one who has maybe risked more than they should on a less reputable course of action or pending loan application. This week has been the most turbulent of all. My friend ,who was with me and my family for over a year, is gone. Happily reunited with her baby boy , that her own parents help in taking away in the
first place. But in her wake, a trail of debt, loss of income and despair like never before. Faced with power being cut off, rent still due and still being locked out of my accounts from government policies, my once bright and flourishing new life and career are now in jeopardy of not becoming a reality.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. How do we calculate what needs to be done, or attained with what we realistically can risk or act upon ,to achieve our desired end result? Do we flip a coin or go “all in” with a best guess scenario approach? Or do we research every last possibility with a fine tooth comb ,weighing the pro’s and con’s of every last possible outcome. For me it’s always been an easy choice,although not always the best way to deal with situations like this.

You see i am a gambler. Not so much in a casino sense , but in a life sense. I have chosen to live my life a certain way and most times it works out for me. But the seemingly insurmountable heap of legitimate living costs are slowly crushing me . And very soon this new found job that i have come to love and have a passion for is all about to come crashing down.Nobody understands the cost of doing business in this space and nobody understands really what it is that i do. I try to explain and even show on my screen but for anyone not directly involved with even a tiny piece of I.M. it’s like speaking in a different language. My friend Dean Holland explains it best in a video he made for his mom some time ago.(I’ll ask him if i can post his video for next time) But it sums up what’s like to be in an industry nobody knows exists. The only true measure and validation you’ll ever receive is when you pull up to your parents house in a $250,000 supercar or pay off their house. It’s what this industry will bring you if your willing to put in the hard work. Then and only then will the people closest to you validate what you’ve been doing. But even then, they still won’t have a clear and concise picture of what we do. It’s just one of those things.

I sent a letter to a hacker a few days ago. More of a blind letter. TO my surprise , he/she replied.I explained who i was and what i did and what i needed. Through a series of back and forth emails and a plan i thought was in motion. Nope. From the moment my eyes caught the push notification in the corner of my screen, i knew this ‘hacker’ was no closer to helping me and really put me further behind. Piece of digital sh*!t. But that’s what i get. Look for answers in dark places and chances are all you’ll find is darker questions and even more darker answers.

However, there is a major positive that has emerged. Last friday i secured a position as a partner with one of the biggest lead generation and marketing companies in the U.S. I don’t know if they would allow me to mention their name on here so i’ll leave them out for now . But ya. They sought me out. i got on a call that lastest a little over 95 mins and they brought me aboard. My first global campaign goes out sept.21, 2017. So at least now ill able to have proof of what i am doing in a structure visible company.

But for now i need to address the problems happening right now. So if anyone wants to buy my truck. You know how to get ahold of me and ill leave contact details at the bottom of this page. I wanna wish everybody a great week! And can i get a “HELL YA!” for the imminent return of SNOW?!!! 🙂

I didn’t think so.

Robin. L

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