The Invisible Fight. Becoming Transparent.

What can i say? Meaning until 5 minutes ago, I had a contemplated quitting this blog and coming to terms with my situation and accepting it and all the endless battles i would have certainly had to do to recover from this latest group of setbacks.

I have never been this emotional in my entire life. It’s hard to explain just how i feel at this very moment. For i have been tirelessly dedicated to this new career and life and it has been a struggle to say the least. Despite the doubter’s who wouldn’t believe and one’s who just didn’t care enough to ask , there is something to be said about the feeling that engulf’s you once you have your ‘breakthrough’. Not just because it means you no longer have to explain where all this money is going or how everything works. Or where all this money you said you’d make is at. Regardless, a shift is about to take place where people will want to know How, what, where and when.  But even that isn’t the best part.

For me it’ll be to help those who helped me and to make their lives a bit easier and alot less worrisome. For my parents to finally have something real that they can be proud of . And my children who never judged me and stuck with me for it is my turn to make up for lost time and broken promises. I love you very much and i’ll see ALL of you soon.

This is just the beginning. And those of you who dismissed me and tried to take away what is and will always be rightfully MINE, if you thought i was raising the roof before………..Tisk Tisk! You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!!

To ALL my kids and family and friends, I’ll SEE YOU VERY SOON!!

Robin Lauscher

P.S. a special thanks to Terry Lamb for the Awesome Opportunity in his HTAM Team #1     And to Chase Swift for helping me through one of the most emotional Saturday’s of my life!!  i couldnt have gotten through it without you.

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