Soundcloud-an audio experience

So lately i’ve been trying my hand at content creation via Audacity and Soundcloud. At first i was very nervous to say the least . Although im not sure why. After all it is just my voice being recorded. I think it’s because i am conscience of how it may sound to others who listen. I don’t know. All i do know is that the more i do the easier it becomes and with each audio post i make it grows my presence online and builds confidence in myself to produce content consistently.

Consistency is the key to so much in this industry. To put yourself ‘out there’ is the only way anyone will ever remember you. The eyes and ear’s of the world need to see or hear you and then they need to be interested in what you have to offer. Content in itself is not enough. It has to be captivating , and interesting and appeal to your target audience. Otherwise your efforts may go in vain. So pick 1 topic and 1 solution and give it your all, and you’ll see over time your list and reputation will start to build and your bank account balance will too.My First Audio Post

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