The Importance of Existing Online and Offline.

“The reasons you are struggling with your online business is because YOU don’t Exist!”   The first time i read that post on Facebook i almost instantly stopped and thought about that for a minute. I processed what i read , connected all the dots, and came to my OWN opinion! I didn’t exist.

If you look at all the top marketer’s in our industry ,it’s because they are heard, seen and share with everybody, everywhere on every platform. And from this they are over time ,implanted the mind’s and the heart’s of the masses of people who click their ads, share their posts or buy their products/services. Plain and simple.

For a-lot of people, including myself,  putting ourselves “out there” for the world to see sends shivers down our spines because it takes us out of our comfy idealistic conditions within our own homes or offices and forces you to put your best foot forward and deliver valuable content to the WORLD.But wait. Aren’t you still at home? Or in your car? Maybe your outside or on vacation. Your still shooting a video , in a comforting place,  yet still we have apprehensions and ‘stage fright’.  So what else could we be so worried or nervous about? The sound of our voice and how it might sound “weird”? How we look or if our content does indeed provide value to those who choose to listen and watch. Who knows really and honestly as much as our reasons for this may be similar, i believe everyone has their own fears based on their own reasons. And that’s why what works for one or a few doesn’t always, and in this industry in particular i believe is why so many fail. Not everyone can be a marketing expert. For myself it has changed who i was not that long ago. I myself have never been so happily dedicated to what i do as my profession.

And for the first time in a long time i believe i’m starting to exist. Offline. And Online. Offline my life was scattered at best. My family knew i ‘alive’ or existing. But not really. More like floating in a holding pattern. And in the past 15 months i have changed my entire mindset and values and put my best foot forward in my drive to be successful and worthy of a life i can be proud of and my family can be proud of too. And its for these reasons why its vitally important to exist online.

So get a little uncomfortable and break out of your shell and do it for yourself. Do it for your business. And do it because it feels good to give back and feel like your contributing to others in their quest to find their own piece of happiness.

Exist and everything will get better.

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