The Invisible Fight….encore

And to my friend:  We had a bond that nobody saw or understood. Including me. But somehow it worked and when we were pushed against the boards it took us both to find some wiggle room. And we made it through.

I know you did not want things to end up this way. I know you are NOT like your parents .But the choices YOU made for both of us, IS why we are now faced with a whole new set of let downs and lawsuits. I warned you then, i warned you now and you have chosen to not do anything i believe out of fear of reprisal from your undeserving of life parents. The very same ones who you were afraid to tell them you had a vehicle at the age of 32.

But regardless, i also didn’t want things to be this way. I was never given room to breathe. And i still built it. Learned it. Implemented it. And in one foul swoop those who would rather lie and pay their way through, did. Leaving me and my family to pick up the pieces after you go home. There’s just no way i can allow that to happen.

I tried to tell you how it would go, and it has. I tried to tell you we were running out of time. We did.  I’m sorry but i also have no choice,again, and tell those who supported me, i’ve failed once again.



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