The Invisible Fight……con’t

Again,sorry for the absence of consistent posts past few weeks as alot is going on in my world. I have tried to keep up with my family and friends but have failed to do even that. The constant barrage of seemingly never ending attacks on life seem to be at an all time high.

Why is it the harder i try to do the right thing the right way, the more my life seems to fall apart? Can you relate to this? Why must life push us to are very limits when we put so much into just being a normal productive member of society? I know it happens to people everywhere. I see it and read about it through various social media outlets and i can’t help but to wonder why certain people,good people, struggle on so many aspects of their lives. And then those who in my opinion seem to always have the ‘good luck’ or are gifted time and time again with positive results with every situation good or bad that comes their way. It  fuels my carnal rage to want to go ‘postal’ on any given day in any given situation. Maybe it’s just my unintentional yet instilled nature to help others who in the end stab me in the back or could give to sh*@’s about me. Which seems to play a prominent role in my life right now.

Here’s a bullet point account of what i’ve done done the past 14 months:

The ‘+’ side:

Built an online business that includes the following:



-http;//  (Daily Deals Source)








-I have put myself thru M.O.B.E. 2x and going thru a third currently. M.O.B.E. for those wondering is an acronym for My Online Business Experience.

I also gone through D.A. Digital Altitude, M.L.S.P (MyLeadSystemPro) , and a slew of private marketers systems. All 6 and 7 figure earners. I have built relationships with people all over the world and have adopted a new mindset and it has made me much more aware of who i used to be and how much time and resources and relationships i selfishly wasted or had a hand in destroying. And i wish i could go back and apologize to each every one of those people i hurt or did wrong to. I , unexpectedly, was able to all but abolish an addiction that inflicted me for the better part of 20 years. As odd as it seems my addiction to the substance of my choice, just seemed to go away ,unnoticed and happily unwanted.  Go figure.

I dealt with every criminal case i had outstanding through various court appearances and diligent visits to various agencies and councellors. At a cost of still being unable to see my son Ryder who i haven’t seen in 538 consecutive days. But my time is coming and those responsible for the ongoing denial of my son will be put front and center for the world to see her true ugly nature and evil convictions. And i look forward to that day so much for so many reasons .

And i did all of these things on my own with some help but not much. Although i want to thank those who did help me on this journey as i would not have made it this far without them. Mom,Dad and Aunty Debbie i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And now the “-‘  Negative aspects of the past year.

-saw both my parents leave the city we called home since the mid 80’s. As mom branched out and set her sights on the west coast i was happy for her as she deserves to live her life and be happy but knew everything would be so different without her close.

-Watched my Dad divide up his entire life amongst friends but mostly family and was the most emotional event i had experienced in some time as it was not joyeous or welcoming despite the various items i now have in my possession because they were ALL what my dad loved and collected and cherished for his whole life and it meant that his time was being passed to me and i don’t like even thinking of that kind of ‘ending’ i guess. Plus the effects of Parkinson’s on him angers me to the point of uncontrollable rage. He does not deserve such an affliction and gave so much throughout his life ,just to give more? If afflictions and illness and cancerous battles could be fought in the world we walk today i’d be at the front lines with a burning drive to rid the world of them all! I hate it and i know i’m not the only one who feels this way.

-i feel i have neglected my friends. What few i had left anyway and those of you who know are in my circle, I truly am sorry and will make up for lost time and laugh’s very soon.

I was and am currently fighting to keep my earned profits and my driver’s license because someone close to me , threw me under the bus, to avoid the pressure of admitting her faults in the reasons why her baby was taken at birth.          to be con’t…………



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