Why does it seem ,things only get worse?

I’m sure it’s just too many hours in front of a computer screen but i think destiny and hope may play a role in life. Or at least in mine. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people? Why is it that way? Why is it when we realize or appreciate the ones closest to us, that it’s usually later in life when time is more relevant than ever. Or when something astounding happens and those you want to share it with are no longer there. Is there a tipping point in everyone’s lives ,based on choices we make that ultimately determine our fate? And if so , is it possible to alter that course? To turn ‘things’ around? I need a sunny day! A little boys smiling face. A day away from all the key strokes and opt-in’s and webinar’s and emails. I need a sunny day to just refocus and gaze upon my kid’s faces and watch them play. And just breathe. Seems like I’ve been holding my breath for so long. So if fate and destiny and hope and faith have already chosen my life for me then……..TOO BAD! I refuse to accept that!! I’m going MY way! Cause i have worked too hard and for ALL the right reasons for it to be any other way!! And my “Why?” has Not been fulfilled yet! I have smiles to ensure come back and bonds to be repaired and reclaimed stronger than ever! I just need a sunny day soon. That’s all that matters.

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