The Invisible Fight….con’t

First off, thank you for everyone, everywhere for the birthday wishes and comments. Made today a very special and rare day as i was alone for most of the day and continue to be. But for myself it was a good day. Connected with alot of family and friends and am ever so thankful to be able to read and reply to each and every one.

So the court order that forbid me to see and visit my boy has expired. As of 4 days ago. One might ask why i haven’t made the journey down to see my son yet. And the answer is one of just knowing myself. Cause i know without a shadow of a doubt that if i go down there,anxious and excited to see my boy, and she denies me again….well then all the right and following up and through that i’ve endured to this point, will all be for nothing because i know i will not be able to contain my direct and focused rage upon her. Just the thought of that makes my heart rate quicken because i know that’s what i face when i get there. Getting there is only half the battle. The real battle begins when i try to make contact in a civil manner. Without police intervention or involvement. But i have a plan for even that. I’ll pitch a tent and sleep on the boulevard directly across from her house if i have too. Or i’ll come knock on her door every morning as soon as the sun comes up and when she answers the door say “Hi! Can Ryder come out to play?”

Regardless of how i will, I WILL see my son very F#$&$*! soon! And will not allow my freedom or my right to my son to be put in jeopardy by you ever again. You’ll see.  I’m unbreakable now. Unbreachable and undeterred in my never dying quest to reclaim my son and my bond with him. And i will WIN!  And to be honest, i hope the fact that i still remain in his life , and your’s, makes you squirm. In fact i know it will because you know nothing of compassion, or moving forward and especially you know nothing of forgiveness. You yourself, have convinced yourself you are as close to godliness as a mortal can be. Blinded by your own vanity and pompous demeanour. But i don’t care really. You ain’t mine and i’m ever so thankful for that.

Just know i’m coming. And there’s not a thing you can do about it. NOTHING!

As for the other injustice closer to home , i cannot comment on it just yet as it is being looked into as i write this. Next post i’ll have an update.

Anyway that’s all i got for now . As my business grows at a seemingly outta control rate i find myself getting ‘buggy’.  Lol. I never really understood that before but i sure do now. I spend so much time in front of my laptop/desktop/tablet or phone i lose track of hours. Sometimes days. But i think i’ve reached a plateau and only have 12 websites/webpages live and dozens of affiliate links scattered about the web and they seem to be ok….for now anyway. But if anyone wants to make a few bucks do some admin type work for me , email me or call me.

Also if anyone wants to buy one or many of my dad’s T-shirts/Hoodies i have his stock with me and ill ship it too pronto. I’m making a site and it’ll be up soon on all social media platforms. Look for PATCH LIFE APPAREL.

Thanks for your continued support and I’ll see ya when i see ya.


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