The Invisible Fight…

Super Bowl Sunday SELFIE in cruiser!

First off, I want to apologize for my lengthy absence but a-lot of ‘surprising and unexpected’ situations have arisen and i have been so busy trying to put the pieces together and make sense of it all.

I have come to profoundly miss the people and times i should have taken the time to relish and enjoy when i had the chance. Why must life be this way? To finally come to the realization and understanding to appreciate the people closest to us. Fathers, Mothers, brothers and sisters alike. Growing up we do anything to be furthest away from them. Then one day you wake up and time has caught up to us and those people are no longer there. Whether this past year for me has been a test or just the trials of my life i’ll never know. But what i do know is that i’m being pushed and tested more now than ever before in my life and it’s hard! It sucks! And i wish my closest people were still ..close.

It’s a shocking and pleasant surprise even to myself than i am where i am right now. That my new career came by accident in a niche i would have never picked for myself. And how in a very short time i built an online business despite being homeless twice, thrown under the bus numerous times by people who i had just helped in some way, and did it because I WANTED TO! …..and as i sit here 22 days away from entering into a new tax bracket i am sad and confused. Here’s why ..

Without going into great detail..Do you remember my friend i’ve been helping this past year? While allowing me to help her, in every way possible as she knows nobody else here, quietly “opted me in” to the process of getting her baby placed in her families care. What that means is without my consent, in ANY of this process, named me as “biological guardian” therefore putting me front and center in an ever changing and diabolical court case in efforts to have her baby released to her parents. What does this mean? It means that 4 weeks ago, without any notice given to me, a judge passed an order, based on my income when the oilfield paid us all good money , and put me in obligation of a $468/month maintenance payment to the person i have been taking care of this whole time! The same person i drive to Red Deer 2-3x a week to see her baby and pay the extra costs and all of it .

Now you might be asking yourself ‘How is that possible? She’s been under your “wing’ for over a year now. My thoughts exactly. Yet through due process and multiple forms filled out, i have yet to file an appeal or hearing or inquiry. Why? Because the justice system is ‘outdated’  It only thinks and acts to a world where every situation is the same . Where the facts don’t get  heard , only one side is taken and the judgment passed down based upon testimony from people who aren’t even in the same province. Today, the next phase of my impending collapse came via the good ol’ mailman.

It reads “commencing july 4,2017 ALL wages and earnings will be taken from you until you get caught up!’ In the amount of $2,648.00   for back pay!

Does this seem ‘Just’ to you?  I was an unsuspecting friend in all of this and now when im on the brink of launching my own digital products that i clawed and fought and implemented to make , be faced with yet ANOTHER court battle just to prove that i did nothing wrong and was thrown under the bus so that other’s can be comfortable and thrive here in Alberta. As well a lawyer in son’s home town, told me last week that because i haven’t seen “R” in over a year that it will be now MY responsibility to prove to whoever that he and myself are still close. Through supervised visits varying from 1/2 hour to 2 hours in length. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!  The reason i haven’t seen him in a year is because a judge unknowingly prohibited me from being in his home town for a year!!  The lawyers response to that. It doesn’t matter. The judge won’t care WHY you haven’t seen your son. ????????   The reason i have missed 2 Christmas’s , a birthday and every holiday or long weekend in between is because i was set up to fail by messages NOT being relayed to her, for getting arrested because i got emotional after i planned some good quality time with my son and the morning i come to get him you tell me NO! It all played out exactly how she wanted it. And with the system ALWAYS on her side, she’s been winning.

I let my emotions get the best of me and every time it was me who went to jail. It was me who lost out on valuable time. But it ends very soon.

I hope you are reading these posts. I really really hope you are! In a last ditch effort to salvage something to be civil i offered you a complete,monetized and profit grabbing website that you could have and own and build from and design and you said ‘Take me to court’.

You’ve always gotten your way. Somehow. And it’s mostly been at the expense of others or other families. What was your plan? Did you think i would just go away so you can have your twisted family unit ,without me in his life?  You above most must have known i would NEVER allow that to happen.

Anyone who knows me and our son KNOWS i love him with every ounce of my being! And i’m coming for him! And very soon YOU will NO LONGER hold any say or sway into what i do with him, when i choose, where i choose!!

So why stop now? You said “take me to court” …Your wish is ,for the last time EVER, my command!

LET’S COUNT IT DOWN!! 110 hours and counting down …..6600 minutes






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