The Invisible Fight…pt.10

This is how it read…..

i know this is going to suck for those of you reading this blog , but……because the court proceedings are still on going , i cannot divulge ‘how it read….’ This blog has actually come to play a role in the justice system ,and to be honest, that’s what i had hoped would happen.

You see when government agency employee’s contact you, their 1 and only job is to enforce the job they were hired to do, read a script from a white labeled ,government issued manual and make sure you abide and conform by their rules or watch out Buster!

What i can tell you is this . I had basically stopped seeing my probation officer in Nov. I had thought at first he was really nice. And i thought i was doing ok. I mean i just wasn’t used to having to see a specific person at a specific time once , sometimes twice a week! Once or twice a week? Why did i have to report that often? it made no sense. I know people who have records 10x longer and more severe than mine and they only had to report twice a month.  But i was in Edmonton now and it made going back and forth that much harder. I tried even showing him my online business and all he would say is “Just make sure it’s not a scam!’  Despite what i would physically show him on a laptop screen. I get that all the time . Canada as a whole , is very ‘uneducated’ and misinformed about what’s possible online. Automation is quickly replacing human jobs faster than most realize. More business is done online than in the real world everyday! And it’s been that way already for a long time. Sure there’s scams. But there are scams everywhere. But with a little research and guidelines you can avoid which ones are fake and which are genuine. Think about it. Why do you think companies such as “Google” and “Amazon” are worth so much dam money? Why there’s more ‘young wealthy’ people than ever before?

But anyway during the months from February 2016 and the present this is what has transpired.

Was arrested Super Bowl Sunday from a random police cruiser driving by where we were staying and noticed my registration on my license plate was expired. He ran the plate, the owner came up in his system, my name popped as having an outstanding warrant for not seeing my P.O.  And as an added bonus, He was recommending jail time. Can you believe that?  The best part about that arrest though was while standing in the lobby of where i was staying i asked them just to give me a recog and kick me loose .  I told them why but to sticking to their guns , they took me in. This is what happened.

For 1 , these 2 cops were cool. They talked just like i did. They swore , cracked jokes even let me have a smoke before going in. I told them exactly what would happen when we got there. And that’s exactly what happened.

As they opened the cell door of holding i noticed a foam mattress and it was brand new! Even to get a mattress in holding ,which seldom happens, was a miracle! But this jail was new! And warm! I was set to have a long snooze. But no sooner than i unrolled my mattress and got comfy, CLICK!  The door swings open and my arresting officer walks in and says”Guess what?” I reply “What?” Reluctantly he says “You were right.”

I was in holding 1min 34sec before his superior told him to cut me loose. LMFAO! Why? Because of what i got arrested for . Not showing up to see your P.O. isn’t that severe. Don’t get me wrong , you should always go as appointed but i had circumstances that made my warrant..petty.

So ,i come out , have a stretch and rub my eyes as if i had just woken up and say “O man! How long was i asleep?” The 2 officers in processing and the dude behind the counter start laughing and it was over ….They drove me back where they got me and even went through Timmie’s and bought me a icecap!   So i had a new court date and needless to say a friend of mine at the Elizabeth Fry Society helped me by appearing for me and getting documents where they needed to be and in the end the charges that were put forth by my probation officer, they were ‘Withrawn” and all charges dropped.

Count 1 for the good guys. But it also would be short lived as just 2 and half weeks later and monumental obstacle and injustice would put everything i was trying to build on hold and maybe even destroy any chance at being happy and seeing my son.

Latest info on that situation is this . I thought to myself , how can i make this as easy on everyone to just move forward. Stop looking backwards and let me see my son . There’s no order in place saying i can’t and in 22 days i will be coming to see him. What can i do? So i take a less intrusive approach and a message is relayed to her and i offer her a website where she can design clothes and sell clothes and ill build it for her and she’ll have a means of residual income for years to come. A pretty fine offer.  Her reply.

No, he can take me to court.

???? Are you F@#$%$’in kidding me??  WOW! OK. Then that’s what’s going to happen! Anyone who knows me KNOWS I’m a good Dad. Maybe at one time i wasn’t, But i am and have been for a very long time. And anyone who knows how i and my family helped her and her family even before my son was born. How many times we paid her rent or used my motorhome to live in or dad paying to fix your van or times we sent you money or times dad gave you money to go to G.P…..countless!! I find it funny she thinks she can do this to me , yet didn’t once go after any of the girls dad’s for anything . She think’s she’s right though. That’s the problem with righteous people who think their sh*%# don’t stink! Your blinded by your narrow mind and pompous vanity!

Count em down! 22 days and counting and I’ll see your ‘ugly’ ass soon enough!


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