The Bad Apples.

This short little rant goes out the scum who stole my payout and the lifeblood of my business.

People like you are the reason so many people are in despair. You think nothing of stealing someone’s hard earned money so you can get your fix or whatever other provision you require. You don’t think of the impact it may have on that person’s life. Maybe they were planning a family vacation with their kids. Or maybe someone had a first date and wanted to make it special for their occasion. In my case that money would have allowed me to catch up with the world and my business and allowed me to scale up so i may provide for my family. And to reclaim my happiness and quality of life!

I hate you and everything you stand for and every other person you have conned or stolen from. Your have all but ripped the small bit of sun from my sky and now all i see is darkness. My business platforms are now frozen and i cannot even send messages out to my list!! You have also interfered with my ability to fight for my rights as a parent to see my son!!!

Know this. I am coming for you! I hope you read this and it makes you wonder whose around the next corner. I hope it makes you a little bit uneasy when you go outside or when the phone rings or when you receive an unexpected email. You F#@$@#@!!!

But i have a secret you don’t know.

I’ll give you props. How you did it ? WOW! i didn’t know that was even possible. I’m sure most people don’t. The only way someone would even try to find a way to do that would ONLY be for unethical and illicit purposes. Says only 1 thing about your character and morals.

Without a trace………….almost.

You should have gone ‘incognito’ before you switched servers……………….Moron!

it’s not much. But it’s something. And i will find you and expose you and make an example of you for what you’ve taken from me!



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